‘Such Little Time: A Collection of Love Letters’

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Letter From the Editor

It was in the year 1963, in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, in August, when my mom (Peggy) met my dad (Art). They fell in love and got engaged four days later. But Peggy was only visiting, with her Mom (Lily), from Ireland, and she had to return to Newtownabbey and to her job as a teacher. She wouldn’t be able to return to Canada until the following spring.

She didn’t have a phone so the only way that Peggy and Art could communicate was through letters. All their correspondence for almost the entirety of their engagement was reliant on Canada Post and Royal Mail. However, what was an obstacle and challenge at that time would create a treasure in another.

After Dad died in 2003, I found out that he had kept all of Mom’s letters. And Mom brought a few of Art’s with her when she came over on the ship that arrived in Montreal in April of 1964. They would be married just over a month later.

To make ensure the letters weren’t lost I transcribed them as a Christmas gift for the immediate family. Then in 2014 I turned them into an ebook and gave it to my mom for what would have been Art & Peggy’s 50th wedding anniversary. There was so much interest that a printed edition was released 51 years to the day the first letter was written. The book launch was in the building that Art and Peggy first met.

The whirlwind romance of an Irish school teacher and Candian farmer, and their engagement as they got to know each other through the lost art of letter writing, at a time when The Beatles first came to America and JFK was shot, has touched hearts and sparked souls. They took a leap of faith that many have found inspiring; I, quite literally, owe my life to it.

“Charming Letters. Loved every one!” – Diann L Donnell, Amazon.com

“Great Book!” – Amazon Reviewer

“What a delightful collection of letters! Everyone will be moved to remember what true love is. I highly recommend this book!”  — Mary Grimley, Songwriter

For more information go to www.suchlittletime.ca

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