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“Chill was the first book I ever had published. The main thing I remember about writing it was reliving all the anxiety and insecurities of high school. They never truly go away.”

Colin Frizzell


Best Quick Reads: American Library Association

Chill is a Canadain Best Seller and is currently in its six printing. 

Grade 7 Up— “Chill is a talented artist. He also has a disability, a crippled leg. It has been a significant issue in his life, but it has made him a better artist by channelling his frustration. When a campaign ensues to have a mural painted at the front of the school, he is awarded the job. In the meantime, he has an immediate adverse reaction to his new English teacher. Chill’s friend Sean, who narrates the story, wants to be a novelist and finds Mr. Sfinkter’s attitude below par, yet wants to like him. Sfinkter promises to have one of his “publishers” look at the boy’s work, which endears him to Sean but causes a rift between the teens. As the year progresses, the man repeatedly insults students, claiming that he is getting them ready for the real world. Chill’s distaste for the man increases. When the mural is finally unveiled, he has painted a mad clown (Sfinkter) squishing the dreams of the kids in the school. The novel offers an interesting portrayal of how a teacher can affect a student’s life. It is also a commentary on responsibility and the right and wrong way to approach issues that may come your way. Though it is written for teens in terms of plot and character, the content itself is based on a 3.5 reading level, making it perfect for struggling and reluctant readers.” — (School Library Journal)

“Frizzell mixes the right ingredients to please middle school boys.” (Teensreadtoo.com)

”Frizzell reaches deep into the psyche of high school students…respectfully emulates the voice of a teen.” (CM Magazine)

” . . . a good read for all teens, especially for the less popular and the artistically inclined…one of the better Orca Soundings.” (Kliatt)

Available for purchase from Amazon.caOrca Book Publishers.

There is also a Teacher’s Guide for ‘Chill’ avaiable here for download.

A live reading of Chill by author during the first COVID – 19 lockdown :

A cold reading of the first draft of a screenplay version of Chill:
Additional Reviews for Just J and Chill:

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