‘Prairie Dogs’ (Short Story)

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Prairie Dogs

After a woman is murdered in a small town, Johnny helps his friend, Bill, get away—fearing for his safety.

Prairie Dogs became Colin’s first published story when it was accepted for publication by the UK webzine, east of web.

Comments taken from site:

“This is a very well written story. Colin Fizzell, keeps you interested in the plot, all the time making you think, and then “BAM”, a very interesting twist.
I enjoyed this story very much. Well worth reading.”

“This was a wonderful short story! Some of the negative comments I have read obviously come from readers who do not teach literature . . . This is an excellent inroduction to the Middle School student. Plus, the story is a terrific tool for teaching symbolism, stereotype, characterization, conflict, and most especially inference. Inference is can be a very difficult thing to “get across” to students and Colin makes that entirely possible with “Prairie Dogs.” I give this short story an A++!!! Thank you for your talent, I enjoyed it thoroughly! Sincerely Yours, An appreciative teacher of 8th grade Media Literacy.”

“The story left me with a feeling that I was riding in the other side of the same coach as Bill and his friend. The expressions that fleeted across Bill’ s drew me like a magnet.This is a gripping story.”

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