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Lavender’is a hallucinatory study of the hidden horrors of the mind, a look at false memories and how they can be used as a shield from madness. It follows a well-trodden path—previously explored in mind movies like Rosemary’s Baby and The Shining . . .” — Richard Crouse, CTV.

“Trippy new psychological thriller” — Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press

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“ . . . with the film’s subtle but undeniably eerie structure and storyline, ‘Lavender’ does not fall short in its ability to make us shiver.” Evy Pitt Stoller, AOL

“ . . . as Hitchcock’s SpellboundLavender presents the unlocking of suppressed horrors as a freeing experience” The Village Voice

Lavender isn’t the kind of picture that’s going to win over those with flimsy attention spans, or some of the younger moviegoers who enjoy seeing an explosion every 30 seconds. This is a film for the thinking movie fan, or the emotional movie fan. This one was designed to keep our wheels spinning upstairs and our hearts slowly sinking into our depths, and it succeeds in doing so, spectacularly.” — ‘Addicted to Horror Movies.

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Lavender is the kind of horror mystery that most people should enjoy. It’s not the hardcore slasher and gore movie. Instead, it deals with some very real dangers and everyday horror. To me, that’s a lot scarier. And yes, it can be entertaining as well. Sometimes even more so because it’s all about the storytelling. 4/5 Stars. ” — Heaven of Horror

“Gass-Donnelly and fellow writer Colin Frizzell do a wonderful job of not going over the top, but they also make sure the audience leaves with a feeling of completion. In a world of instant gratification and the ‘now, now, now’ mentality, I credit these two with creating a picture where the audience has just as much information as our character. We go on the journey together, and that’s refreshing in its own right. — Modern Horror

Lavender is effective because it opts to go small and character-focused rather than lean into broader Horror generalities . . . 4 out of 5 stars.” — CrypticRock

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“If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers with a supernatural twist, ‘Lavender’ is definitely worth the watch. It features strong performances and a few twists and turns throughout.” — Horror Geek Life 4 out of 5 stars.

Lavender is a hauntingly beautiful supernatural tale about the horror of loss and the painful secrets we keep locked away.” — Vicki Woods,

Lavender shows that there are interesting ways to apply genre elements beyond the bump and chills, and in the service of story about memory, trauma, and resolution.” — Paste Magazine

“Lavender creates some otherworldly images through that use colour to infuse the gothic tension dots of childlike wonder.” — Cinemablogtapher

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“ . . . it’s a joy to see a strong female-fronted horror movie with his much emotional sophistication and elegance.” —

“Cornish (Bright Star, Limitless, the RoboCop remake) is terrific as a woman trying to figure out whether she’s losing her mind, recovering buried memories or dealing with something else entirely.” — Now Magazine

Lavender is like a dream. There is a creeping unease beneath every scene.” — Horrorbuzz

“Lavender’ is full of twists and turns that will keep audiences engaged until the very end.” —