Weber Vs. Napoleon Grill

When I was researching grills I wanted one that would, of course, make amazing meals, but also last a long time. Good customer service was on the list as well as the look of it since it is right outside the door. It came down to Weber or Napoleon.

I went with Napoleon, mainly because it was Canadian. However, the particular grill I got was actually made in China.

My friend has a Weber and he’s very pleased with it. He’s had it for 8 years. He cleans it once a year, with a pressure washer, uses it constantly, cooking for a family of four. Rarely covers it. If ever.

I’ve had the Napoleon since April. I use it fairly often (or did) cooking for myself and my 86-year-old mother for whom I’m the primary caregiver, and who loves bbq’d food. I always cover it. The grill was brand new when I got it. It has been cleaned since both with a pressure washer (parts) and with several different stainless steel cleaners, including Napoleon’s. Below you’ll see how they measured up.

Weber 2 Weber Weber3Nap nap2 nap3

The Weber, I think, looks near showroom condition, on the outside, anyway; the Napoleon, not so much. On top of the staining the side grill also blows out in the slightest wind. I brought that up with Napoleon and they didn’t respond to that issue. As for the rusting on the side grill, I was told I need to treat it more often.The picture was taken after it’s second use after it had a full treatment with sea salt and oil and was baked in the oven at 400.

Nap sideAs for the staining, including not only on the inside, main and side grills, but the upper grill, that I have yet to use, on the outer lid, back and outer right side, I was told I needNap4 to clean it more often using their cleaner. They are willing to replace some of the parts and have sent me a partial bit of the back. Considering how often I have used it, though, I’m thinking a thorough cleaning, very thorough, including back, would be required after every or every other use. This includes getting in behind the unit. Otherwise you’ll be arguing with customer service and rebuilding your grill every 3 months. I think it would be safe to say that the Napoleon is a very high maintenance grill.


After a lengthy conversation with Napoleon it turns out that the parts aren’t covered under warranty but are considered maintenance. They replaced the one, and might replace another piece for customer relations but it’s at there discretion and the labour involved, my labour, in replacing the base is extensive. This type of discolouration on the lid and outside is to be expected with these grills even within one season of use.

They recommend leaving the cleaner on longer before wiping it off, and I did.  I made a small amount of headway over a long period of time but it’s in one tiny area and there is a long way to go.

Considering the build up and staining over a few short months. without a lot of use,  the cleaning should probably be done after ever couple uses inside and out. Napoleon says they don’t expect that but the evidence in this case runs to the contrary.  If you use your bbq in the winter, cleaning could be especially challenging, especially in behind, but if you don’t come spring, it might be hours of cleaning, with a lot of cleaning solution, and even them it may remain stained.

Buyer beware.
Update April 29th 2015

I received an email this morning from Paul in Toronto who has also had problems with his Napoleon Grill. Below you’ll find a copy of the email along with photos that he was kind enough to send:

Hi Colin.

Saw your article about Napoleon vs Weber and I concur.  Napoleon is trying their best to avoid really doing the right thing with regards to the shocking amount of rust that has built up on the stainless steel sections of my Napoleon 485.

I used it for less than one season. Bracket bolts corroded off.   See pictures, taken after I wire brushed everything.


IMG_0162 IMG_0163 IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0168

268 Responses to Weber Vs. Napoleon Grill

  1. Erwin says:

    Buyer beware if you buy a Napoleon Bbq from Canadian Tire or Costco chains its made in China .It must be Prestige Line to be made in Barry Ontario .The Bbq comes Delivered to your door and assembled for no extra fees, that’s the difference sorry for your experience

    • Colin says:

      Thank you for your comment. Napoleon did assure me that the steel grade and quality on the units made in China were up to Napoleon standards. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though, as I’ve read in several places about people having problems with the made in China units, and Napoleon not stepping up to make it right.

      • Meg says:

        Hello. I for the first time bought a prestige Napolean,,on sale from a local dealer who sells them,,,and paid only 700 plus tax, and it was regular 999. I have NEVER paid this much for a bb

        • Ann says:

          could you send me your info. on your local dealer where you bought your bbq?

        • Naveli says:

          Hi. Could you tell me the name of your dealer since I’m in the market for a good BBQ? Sounds like you got a good deal.

          • Pat Summers says:

            Stay far away from napoleon bbqs warranty is for the birds my interior burners covers sides and bottom all rusted out sits in a garage when not used napoleon says to much humidity in garage, right. went to use this spring and the whole tray had rusted through and fell on tank. none of the interior parts are warrantied. from the outside it looks brand new.

      • Anony Mous says:

        Yah, hate to break it, but as someone who works with BBQs for a living and has for some time, taking a stainless steel magnet to the LEX versus the PROs demonstrates enough to know. Much like the Weber Spirit, the BBQs made overseas in China for both Napoleon and Weber just aren’t up to snuff comparatively. I always tell people to steer clear of the LEX line and the Spirit.

  2. Janice says:

    I have been fighting Napoleon with the same issue. They said they would replace the burners, but the support bracket would cost $18. After a lengthy phone call, they were still willing to lose a customer over an $18 part. We got the same story about cleaning it weekly. I also have a $300 Stok BBQ that is in better condition than my $1,500 Napoleon. Worst investment ever!

    • Colin says:

      It’s really disappointing. I hope you get it sorted the best you can. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Maybe we can save someone else the aggravation.

  3. Gilbert says:

    Replaced my 15yr old Weber with a Napoleon. Bought my Napoleon l485 at can tire in 2012. Sear plates and drip tray rusted out, paper thin cannot touch or they will disintegrate. Not covered under warranty after 2 yrs/1yr respectivly. Going to toss it out, will not waste any more money on it.

    • Colin says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write in. It’s too bad to hear of so many people having these problems, and with Napoleon not seeing it as a problem, it leaves little hope that they’ll do anything to correct it.

  4. John says:

    Just sold my Napoleon LP Prestige 500. Inside all rusted out in 2.5 years. Fit and finish terrible from new. Found out when it was too late that the grille I thought was made in Canada was actually made in China so the big box stores could get their margins up. Very disappointed on so many levels in this nearly $1300 supposedly superior grille. Napoleon was not interested in addressing my problems as they likely did not want to admit the grille was made in China. The guy who bought it was faced with replacing many expensive parts!

    I now have a Weber and will never look back. So much for Wolfe Steel products!

    • Colin says:

      It’s really too bad to hear this. I hope you enjoy your new Weber, anyway.

      • John says:

        Prestige 500 and all other Prestige and Prestige Pro series grills are made in Canada, not China. Also they are sold exclusively through Napoleon dealers, not “Big Box” stores, as is the case with Lex-series. Napoleon’s warranty would have easily taken care of the unit “rusting out” in 2.5 years (Lex or not). Something about this tale is not making sense.

        • Colin says:

          Thank you for the additional information on where they’re made and the warranty replacement. It’s appreciated.

        • Meg says:

          Hello. I for the first time bought a prestige Napolean,,on sale from a local dealer who sells them,,,and paid only 700 plus tax, and it was regular 999. I have NEVER paid this much for a bbq,,but decided to do it, cause we bbq so much. I had the bbq for exactly 2 months and put a beer can chicken on,,,in a proper stand and tray…burner on low under chicken,,,medium on other side, as this bbq is hot!! went into house for 5 minutes,,,yes 5 minutes, came out onto deck to find the bbq smoking and opened it to find chicken burnt and on fire. I immediately turned off propane source… I tell dealer where I bought it,,he says,,,well you have to clean it out more often. What? Its brand new…but ok,,,,I struggled along with this bbq constantly flaring up,,,burning meats, etc. Wrote to Napolean with pic of burnt chick,,,,NOthing….not even a reply. So,,,I have limped this bbq along. You are right,,,it rusts,,,it’s dirty on outside,,,try to keep it clean, but wow,,,high maintenance. Just this past week,,(bbq 3rd summer) i turned on the burners,,,to just heat bbq up,,,went inside to grab a load of laundry to hang on line,,,(? maybe 10 minutes) I was hanging clothes on line and bbq on low,,(could NEVER turn it up higher than halfway at any time!!) and I hear this BANG,,,,bbq was on fire…..all knobs blown right off the damn bbq. I am not kidding! So totally ruined….sides of bbq burnt totally,,,it is wrecked. So far,,,,,nothing from the dealer or from Napolean….NEVER, I say NEVER again will I buy a Napolean product. It could have burned my house down, thank god I was right there and didn’t take another 5 minutes. Really angry with Napolean. I stopped into the Barrie dealer on way home yesterday to try to tell them what had happened and get to someone I could complain to….his attitude was very poor….didn’t buy it here?? call this number. Bragged about how great the exact same model was. Yes, I am angry and dissapointed.

          • Colin says:

            That’s too bad. I got the same line saying that I needed to clean it more. I’d never cleaned a grill as much. I asked if they expected me to clean it after every grilling. They said, well, you shouldn’t have to. But . . . If the model they sold you was a great as the person you talked to said, then, by my thinking, after telling you how great the exact same model was, they should have continued to say that there must be a fault with yours and offered to replace it. Otherwise it just comes across as a poor excuse and passing the blame onto the customer.

          • Adam says:

            Colin (and others),
            I am trying to decide between Napoleon Prestige 500RB(no infra red side burner) and Weber S330. I live in Wilmington, North Carolina (on the coast) so here there is a difference in cost between the two (Napoleon is $1,195-$1,295 from dealer not big box store and Weber is $850-$950). A few questions I had…
            Based on where I live (close to ocean) would you recommend one over other in terms of durability to the elements? The Napoleon dealer (nice guy but obviously pushing Napoleon) talked a lot about the the infrared temp controlled back burner and everything you could cook and do with it (he said it basically can do anything you could do in oven inside). Listening to him talk about it, it sounded interesting, but I didn’t really hear anyone on here talk much about it aside for an occasional rotisserie (which I personally will never do). After visiting the Napoleon dealer it came down to – is the supposed superior quality of Napoleon’s stainless steal along with the potential of the temp controlled hood/back burner worth an additional $350? I’ve read a lot of negative about Napoleon and their customer service but does any of the product related negative feedback specifically relate to the Prestige series? Initially I was thinking Weber because their reviews all over are outstanding, then after visiting Napoleon guy I was intrigued, now after readings these posts I may be leaning toward Weber again. Any thoughts/input are greatly appreciated! Thanks, Adam

          • Colin says:

            Hi Adam, I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer your question. I’m certain that the ocean air does much different things to a grill than a winter. That said, I will speak from my experience on other things you mentioned. With the infared burner. Mine has a side grill and the back one inside. I do enjoy using the side on for steaks and burgers. It’s small it but gives you a nice flavor. With the one inside I only used it for the occasional rotisserie. And I can tell you that there were some really nice extras on the Napoleon model I got that influence my purchase. But, I don’t use most of them. I think next time, for me, I’m going to put some thought into what I use the grill for and get the best one from that purpose. As tempting as the extra features are there’s no use paying or something you won’t use. Also, check what the warranty is on the infared burner. I believe with mine that that burner only had a 1 year warranty on it. I didn’t realize that until after the purchase.

          • Adam says:

            Also wondering – would indirect cooking on the Weber genesis be similar to what the rear infrared burner on Napoleon Prestige would offer? Basically, if I wanted to slow cook or smoke a big hunk of meat or ribs, etc without drying it out…can that be done as well on Weber as on Napoleon?

          • Colin says:

            My friend who has the Weber uses the indirect heat a lot for ribs and such. And I used the indirect heat instead of the back burner a few times.

          • Chad says:

            Well just to let u know the prestige pro is made in Canada not just prestige I bought a Webber and the lid concaved on it when it got hot and melted the siding on the house so everyone has bad experiences somewhere down the line there both decent the ones made in Canada start at 2300 and won’t rust on u like the China shit

          • Luke says:

            Seem that your BBQ can be set for natural gaz and you use it with propane. Propane provides 2500 BTUs (British Thermal Units) per unit volume, which is higher than the 1000 BTUs natural gas provides per same unit size.

    • ATN says:

      Bought a built-in Napoleon grill with all the cabinets etc. Installed it in an outdoor kitchen with covered roof in a brand new house. It would not maintain heat in windy conditions and would have to go to my 2nd BBQ – a Nex grill Cheapy- to continue cooking . Napoleon was installed properly by a Gasfitter, but it caught fire and I nearly lost my home. Piece of junk

  5. Clive says:

    I am absolutely appalled at just what a pile of junk the Napoleon Legend BBQ which I bought 2 years ago from Canadian Tire has turned out to be.
    At the time, I couldn’t decide between a Napoleon or a Weber. In the end, the deciding factor was to give my support to a Canadian company. What a big mistake, if I wanted a cheap made in China BBQ I could have saved hundreds of dollars by buying exactly that, instead I spent over a $1000 on this pretender to Canadian quality.

    Within the first year, I was shocked to find that the burners had collapsed. The heads of the screws holding the burner support brackets had rusted away. As the bodies of the screws had also rusted into the frame, I had to drill and tap new holes before I could fit new stainless steel screws to support the burners.

    Even worse was to come though, this evening I was about to throw some steaks on the BBQ only to find that the searing plates have rusted away so badly that they have actually collapsed, rendering the BBQ effectively useless until they can be replaced. This is completely unacceptable for a product only 2 years old.
    Anybody contemplating buying a Napoleon product would best avoid it at all costs, they are junk. and from the comments above, the company has no interest in customer care.

  6. Colin says:

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. Napoleon had such a great name and was a source of Canadian pride, which was a big selling point. But, it’s difficult to show loyalty to any company that doesn’t return it. I find hearing so many negative experiences that people are having to be, as I said before, disappointing. And dealing with their customer service did feel like they were being defensive and offering excuses rather then trying to resolve the issues and make things right by really listening to customer concerns. Perhaps the issues are too large to be resolved and they can’t fix all of them so are gambling that arguing with, and blaming the customer, will just make them go away. I don’t know. I can only state my experience and read and listen to others who take the time and make the effort to share theirs. Thanks, again.

  7. Cat says:

    Thanks so much for your article! Our Broil King broke and I always wanted to get a Weber. We were told by a salesman to give Napolean Prestiage a try as the price was comparable to a Weber for the amount of features it offers. But after reading your article and all the comments, I think we better buy a Weber instead!

  8. Michelle says:

    We are in the market to replace our Kenmore grill after about 7-8 years of use. Our current grill has cast iron grates, which I loved, but they’re obviously starting to corrode again…we’ve replaced the grates periodically over the past years…but I Sears doesn’t offer replacements any longer. So, we’re thinking it’s time to buy a whole new BBQ. I’m waffling between Weber and Napoleon. I’ve found good and bad ratings on both which, I suppose, is just about normal for any two side-by-side comparisons of related products. I guess I need to keep researching…and possibly for even a whole other brand.

    • Colin says:

      My friend is happy with his Weber. I really like the Green Eggs, but I’ve only used one once. It heated up quickly and the steak it made was amazing. I wouldn’t go with the Napoleon unless you want to spend as much time cleaning as cooking and deal with it’s temperamental burners (I loved the side Infrared burner but it blew out several times which made me nervous). And, considering Napoleon doesn’t acknowledge there is a problem, there is little hope of them ever fixing it.

    • Reg MacD says:

      Id be looking for another Kenmore Grill if you got 7-8 years out of it.

      • Anony Mous says:

        The thing about Sears is that people bid to make the BBQs for Sears, and then they slap their name on it. You have no way of tracking down the original manufacturer of the grill you bought because it changes every year, and there’s no real record of who manufactured the BBQs that year.

  9. SorenDk says:

    Funny – My 6 months old Weber summit 470 is allready rusting. Im was thinking on buying a Napoleon and now im Reading this. Damm

    Weber has also moved there production to China

    • Meg says:

      dont do it!!!

    • Dave Chapmam says:

      Thanks for your comment about your Weber bbq rusting within 6 months. I will not buy a Weber based on your honest feedback. I have also discovered that some weber products are made in China.
      This “Colin” fellow is always raving that Weber is a superior product to Napoleon and recommends it. Why hasn’t he defended this statement on your posting. He’s responded all comments before and after yours. In my opinion he chose not to provide feedback to your comment.

      I’m starting to think that this “Colin” is somehow connected to Weber LoL…perhaps management…LoL…sales rep??? I applaud him for vehemently endorsing Weber.

      • Colin says:

        This “Colin” fellow, me, the owner of the website, who many have thanked for creating this form and keeping it up for people to share their stories, is obviously not a a Weber Sales rep. But perhaps you were sent by Napoleon to defect rather than address issues. I haven’t raved about Weber, I have never owned one. I have relayed the experiences and opinions of my friend who does own one, as well as offering photos as evidence. I have also shared my positive experiences with Broil King, and I think, the Green Egg. And have said I haven’t heard much bad about the Prestige line with Napoleon, but there are negative comments are on this site, which are shared so people can make an informed decision. Perhaps, next time, if you want to defend Napoleon you should do a little research first and put of something of actual substance like the vast majority of people posting have. This is a site for people to share their experience, is a civil manner, not endorsing anything. If you can’t do, that perhaps you shouldn’t be involved.

  10. bill says:

    You should have bought a “made in Canada” Napoleon…



    DO YOUR HOMEWORK next time and you won’t get burned.

    • Colin says:

      I did do my homework. I was assured, by Napoleon, that despite the fact that some of their grills are now made in China, that they are still a Canadian company and that the quality standards were being maintained.

      • Anony Mous says:

        You’ve got to get a dealer who is going to be honest with you, without the influence of the Weber and Napoleon name. Talking to just a regular sales rep is your best bet for an honest answer. You’re basically looking at the Prestige line for Napoleon and the Genesis for Weber.

      • Mitch says:

        Funny.. I just stopped tonite at bbq store.. they sell many different brands.. weber, saber, broil king, coyote, jackson, green mountain and numerous others including napoleon.. They had lower lines of napoleon there, huge difference in quality.. from china to canada.. the thickness of the metal was obvious. The sear plates from the chinese models were loose & flimsy, where as the prestige pro is a solid built bbq, thick metal in the whole “cooking box” section. Big price difference too.. from the chinese ones at 1000$ Canadian to 2100$ to the entry level prestige pro..

        Colin, if you were serious about buying a good bbq, you would have stopped at a bigger bbq store and checked out the differences.. If I want a good long lasting bbq, i’m going to check out a big store that sells all medium to higher end bbqs, not Canadian Tire, Home Depot or Best Buy..
        I have a 15+ yr old Broil King that still works, but starting to act up a bit, probably due to my lack of maintenance.. it was an 800$ bbq.. the new Napoleon I’m looking at is 2200..
        I haven’t purchased it yet, but i’m gonna.. unless research proves otherwise..
        I was looking at the LEX series, cause i liked the blue lights in the knobs & I could get it at Costco.. but, after stopping at this BBQ store & looking at the difference between the chinese & canadian made.. it’s an easy decision.
        Don’t knock the brand cause you “liked” it before buying it, but didn’t compare the different lines.. that is entirely your fault.

        • Colin says:

          Parts stain and rust in less than a year. Other parts needed replacing. Side burner blows out in the slightest wind. On a BBQ that costs over 1200 and carries the Napoleon name and that they personally assured was up to their standards. And it’s my fault? I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out you work for them.

        • Mo says:

          Hi Mitch, Can you please share which model you are talking about? I’m looking to buy one too & I’m not sure yet about either Napoleon investment or other brands. The Pro600 is about 3000, not 2200. Can you please let me know which BBQ store did you see through?

    • Meg says:

      I bought a made in canada napolean,,,and I am so angry….never again!!!! I did my research before spending that much on a napolean,,,,I have no option but to try a weber, and hope for the best….

      • Gary says:

        I have 3 Weber charcoal BBQ,s and really like the way they work,,my first Weber is 20 ye ars old,and I still use it

    • Reg MacD says:

      You got to be kidding me…have you been reading these blogs !!! They way you have written your post I think you are the owner!!!

  11. Jamie says:

    Is everyone who is buying Napoleon grills and experiencing problems with rust buying Chinese manufactured grills? I thought that only the Mirage series was built in China. The Weber Spirit series is built in China and when you go to Home Depot and compare them to Weber Genesis you can totally tell the difference. I am looking for a grill and Weber will be my direction. Weber also has great customer service and a community, they have a grill academy in Canada that I have been to a few times and learned alot

    • Colin says:

      I does seem to be the one Build in China that are experiencing problems. I’ve heard from a few people on it and read more reviews on-line that all point to the same thing.

    • Anony Mous says:

      Mirage/Legend, and LEX series are all made in China. The Rogue series is made of domestic and foreign parts, but the important components of the grill — diffusers, burners, and grills — are made in Canada.

  12. Rob says:

    If you want the legendary Napoleon quality that you have all heard of you have to buy one “Made in Canada”!

    • Colin says:

      I think you’re right. But Napoleon isn’t telling people that. They assured me before purchase that the Napoleon standards are being kept up on all units regardless of where they’re made. From what I’ve heard and experienced, though, that simply isn’t the case.

      • MickeMick says:

        In Europe on the Aland Islands a sales man from Napoleon Finland, assured that the only difference between the Canadian and the China model was the thickness of the steel in the burner. It was around 0,5mm thinner from the china models, i asked him why but that he couldn’t answer..
        Also he said that they got plenty of Canadian workers in china to surveillance the quality!

  13. Rook says:

    I am looking to buy a good bbq for myself. I don’t want to spend more than 600.00 and feel at a loss in which direction to go. Any suggestions?
    Also, is there a good time of year to get bbq’s at a sale price?


    • Rook says:

      To add: Would buying the Napolean Triumph from Costco be a bad idea as they have a pretty good return policy?

      • Colin says:

        A good return policy would be safer. Costco is very good with that. Also the Triumph doesn’t appear to have the stainless steel lid so you wouldn’t have the problem with the staining. Overall, I still wasn’t happy with Napoleon customer service, though, and I think that that grill line is manufactured in China.

    • Colin says:

      One thing that I liked on the Napoleon was the TRU-Infrared grill on the side. It worked well with steaks and burgers, gave an almost a charcoal taste, and heated-up really quickly. It’s also supposed to use less gas, according to a sales person I talked to who owned a TRU-Infrared grill herself. If you use your grill for things like that, rather than doing large dinners, I would suggest checking it out. There are some available for reasonable prices that have good reviews, like Char-Broil. I found this more in-depth review for you

      As for the time of year, I was looking in early spring when the weather was still too cool to for most to be thinking about bbqing, but the stores were looking to get rid of the previous years models to make room for the new ones. I found that smaller stores especially were willing to deal more, then.

      Good luck on your purchase. Let me know what you decide.


  14. Kevin says:

    I just want to thank you all. I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a new grill, and was torn between Weber Genesis and Napoleon. A website with honest evaluations is difficult to find.
    You guys have made my decision a complete no brainer, and saved me $1500.00 on a poor investment. I will save $300.00 up front, and have peace of mind with my new Weber! I am sorry for your misfortunes though.

  15. Don says:

    Old thread, but since this is highly ranked in search results, it’s important to say one thing: Don’t buy a BBQ from any big box store. They are high margin, low quality versions of the Grills you should be buying (lesson learned for this commenter – like many here, I purchased a “high quality” grill from a box store, and it’s completely rusted out after too few years). Find a store that sells the real version (for the same prices), and be happy with the +$1000 purchase. This is true for Weber AND Napoleon. Go to an authorized dealer, and chances are good they will provide the kind of support you’re looking for. I’ll be buying a Prestige series Napoleon this season because I know they are very well built, with extremely high quality materials.

    • Colin says:

      Just to add to that, don’t take company reassurances that the other models of up to company standards. From all I’ve read, heard, and experienced, they aren’t.

    • Ian says:

      Don, I am also looking at Napoleon grills. I’m am interested to know if you did but the prestige and how you like it so far?

    • Josh says:

      When I bought my $600 Weber (Genesis I think) 12+ years ago, the dealer told me theirs were better than big box stores…even if the same model.
      I ended up buying it from Home Depot because they had a bonus of cast iron grills for the same price or less than the specialty store.
      It has a few parts that could use replacing but has held up well considering it’s been used 3 to 5 times a week year round with no cover and somewhat exposed to rain etc. the whole time.

      Having read the comments here, I think I’ll be looking into a new Weber again instead of the higher end Napoleans I was considering. IMO if you’re spending $1500+ on a BBQ it should be lasting 10+ years without constant high maintenance.

  16. Mike B. says:

    I’m curious which model grill this is – I’m assuming since made in China is the ‘LEX’ series. I’m pretty sure the entry level Webers are made overseas but the higher end SUmmit is still made in USA (will look into this prior to purchasing). I am contemplating between a Weber Summit and Napolean Presitige Pro and curious how both companies compare with their flagship grills.

    • Colin says:

      I haven’t heard anything negative about either in regards to their flagship grills. Perhaps if someone who owns one of them, and has personal experience, reads this, they could add more.

  17. Branislav says:

    Weber vs Napoleon
    I am reading your comments and I wanted to send you update on what I have discovered regarding this topic. Initially I wanted to get Weber Genesis but after reading reviews online on rust issues I decided to explore more. I went to specialty store where I had Weber CEP 330 and Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB in the same room. I used plain old magnet test to test quality of stainless steel. Although both manufacturers use lover end stainless steel on cabinet and shelves major cooking parts on Napoleon grill were all made using higher end steel. Weber not so much, perhaps burners only. Guess which one will last longer. Now, why do we need fancy stainless steel cabinets? Most BBQs now are produced and more expensive because of cabinets. Do we really store anything except for propane tank inside? I don’t think so. Then to protect expensive metal we buy expensive covers and all you see it is BBQ cover most of the time. Long story short, both of these brands have reduced quality of major components and invested to appearance of shiny stainless steal. I don’t mind paying $1,500 for BBQ that will be good and that will last long. What I mind is paying for stainless steel cabinet with bad grill when I actually care only about cooking performance.

    It is supposed to be a girl not piece of outdoor furniture.

    If I have to pick between two I would pick Napoleon because it does have better quality of steal on burners, flavour bars and cooking grates. Unfortunately I will need to pay for whole pile of stainless steel cabinet that comes with it.

    • Colin says:

      I agree that the stainless steel is far more trouble than it’s worth. With your Weber, Napoleon comparison the issue isn’t with the Prestige, which is still made in Canada, and that I haven’t heard anything negative about. It’s with their made in China models. They say they use the same grade of steel however aside from the problems I encounter (with very bad staining of the steel) there are several reviews on-line, and on this page, photos included, that would indicate difficulties with those models. It seems, over all, that on the entry level Webers and Napoleons customers are happier with the Weber, and that they last longer. Even entry levels aren’t cheep, and while it is worth it, if they cook well and last long, if they don’t then the price you’re paying is for the name, rather than the quality. Thank you for your comment and taking the time to share what you found.

      • Branislav says:

        I agree with your comments regarding Napolion BBq made in China. What I am trying to suggest is that unfortunately Weber grills are getting there as well. The Weber you used in comparison was produced before quality was drooped. If you were to buy new version on Genesis you will not be getting same old quality as it was 5 or 6 years ago or ever since Weber was aquired by private fund. Unfortunately this is not happening only with Weber. Any appliances you get now days will not have good life expectancy. I am glad I red reviews on Amazon regarding Weber rust issues otherwise I would have one of those in my backyard. Weber was good example of well built product that would constantly perform and would be replaced only because you want something new not because it was broken. Unfortunately old Weber quality seems to be history.
        Thank you for posting my comments.

        • Colin says:

          It seems that at entry level, you’re better off to just go for a cheaper grill that doesn’t have the name. Since you can get some cheaper grills that are getting good reviews for cooking quality; the main draw back was that they wouldn’t last as long. That seems to be the same across the board, now. Or go for the high end models that are made here and seem to still seem to last. But if you’re going for the entry level you’re paying more for the name as you are for anything else. And don’t do stainless, unless you want to clean it after almost every use. Alternatively, I’ve heard good things about the Big Green Egg; I cooked on one, once, it did a hell of a steak. And heated up amazingly fast.

          • Anony Mous says:

            Do you think you will do another Napoleon vs Weber once the Genesis II is fully locked and loaded? I have some serious hesitancy about the quality of the Genesis II.

  18. CalgaryRon says:

    I am at the crossroads of Weber or Napoleon. I am glad to find all these comments.

    Weber Genesis CEP330 ($1350 CAN) or the Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB ($1550 CAN)…both Natural Gas.

    I wouldn’t be at this crossroads if it wasn’t for the sales pitch I got at the BBQ store…the sales guy was totally enamored with Napoleon. Claims they are much better then Webers…I’m not so sure I agree…now.

    Both of these models are made in North America (I hope, I doubt every single piece is). Weber is a simpler design, just four plain ole gas burners (one sear)…the Napoleon has a fancy infrared ceramic searing side burner, a rear rotisserie burner and four regular burners. Napoleon boasts fuel savings because of the use of the sear burner and rotisserie…fuel is not a deciding factor…I’m not heating my house.

    The picture of your grill’s sear station is of particular interest…the sales guy says…drippings vaporize before they hit the ceramic sear grille…like Star Wars…I guess. In your picture it appears there’s build-up on the ceramic, which I assume hinders the performance. Does it? Not surprised that the wind blows it out…gets windy here in the prairies.

    Does your Napoleon (or anyone’s) have the JETFIRE ignition? How have they held-up…still firing?

    Is the rotisserie side burner a great feature or just another feature? I can see a side burner with a pan under the food to catch drippings…but w/o side burner I would slow cook/indirect heat with a pan underneath then remove pan and finish on high heat to brown…

    Napoleon’s Customer service sounds awful…I have read that Weber’s customer service is above average, along with very low % repair requirements.

    A Weber concern I had was their use of 430 SS…but it’s a heavy gauge so I’m ok.

    I think you can tell I’m leaning (ok…falling) Weber…I mean look at your neighbor’s…
    BUT – would love for someone(s) to show me an eight year old Napoleon grill that’s in great shape.

    I welcome all feed back. Thanks.

    • Colin says:

      I did like the infrared ceramic searing side burner for steaks and burgers. I enjoy the seared taste: crispy on the outside, bloody in the middle. But it didn’t take much wind to cause problems. Which was frustrating. And possibly dangerous? I looked up the Weber Genesis CEP330 and I see it has a sear station burner on it, so you might be able to get that same flavour from it. I haven’t got to try it on a Weber, yet.
      I enjoyed the rotisserie, too. So it depends on how much you think you’d use those features. I used the side burner a lot, when the wind wasn’t blowing, and the rotisserie on occasion. But you have the searing station on the Weber, and you can get a rotisserie for it. I don’t know if the back burner for the rotisserie made any difference flavour wise.
      I haven’t heard a lot of bad things about the Prestige model, it many seems to be with the entry level ones. Mind you, I don’t think I’ve heard from anyone whose had it eight years.
      I wasn’t impressed with Napoleon’s customer service at all. And my friend with the Weber had nothing but good things to say about dealing with Weber. They went above and beyond.
      I hope this helps, and that I didn’t just confuse you more. But when you’re paying that much for a grill, you want to pick the right one. You’ll, hopefully, have it for awhile.

      • John says:

        I just bought a Napoleon Rogue 425 with a side burner, natural gas. The grill does not heat up enough to grill meat and does not perform as well as my 12 year old Napoleon Prestige II which has original burners. I am keeping the old grill because I doubt the new grill will perform well enough to use in the winter. I cannot recommend Napoleon and their customer service is poor.

      • Mitch says:

        I’m curious.. you mention all the issues you had with the Napoleon & the customer support, yet you gush about your friend’s Weber, but here you say that Weber support has gone above & beyond..
        If it’s such a great grill, why did he have to contact support??
        As I mentioned in my other post, I have a 15+ yr old Broil King, not once did I ever contact support??

        • Colin says:

          He had to contact them because after over a decade of constant use, including through Canadian winters, he needed something replaced and they sent him more than he asked for and did it immediately. And I wasn’t gushing, I was only relaying what he said. Enjoy your Broil King!

  19. Branislav says:

    Just to let everyone know I ended getting Napoleon P500RSIB SS 2016 model. I managed to get mine in natural gas with cover and some accessories for $1,300 Canadian. Deal I cond not refuse. I can tell you that it works great and given that it has more power, infrared side burner and better quality stainless steal I think I made right decision. Ansambly was easy, only probmew with this BBQ was the fact that it is realy hevay so rather open the box in the front of your house and move it in pieces instead of lifting entire thing. I managed to get good price not from specialised BBq retailer but from heating and air conditioning retailers seling other Napoleon products such as wood stoves and furnaces. I see that others are having same dilema and only thing I can say is that these two grils Napoleon p500 rsip and weber 330 Cip can not be compared. Napoleon prestige is higher end product and it may be comparable to weber sumit 470 or so.

  20. Ray O says:

    Thanks to all! I wasn’t sure which to buy until now. I wanted to purchase a grill that was made in Canada & had the reputation of a Weber. The Napoleon Lex 485 from Costco had more features than the Weber EP-330. I was leaning towards the Lex but after reading all your results and comments, I’ll stick to the Weber Genesis EP-330.
    Thanks again!


    PS- Napoleon, if you want to run with the big boys, manufacture all your grills in
    Canada and don’t cheap out on quality!

  21. crinks says:

    I’m in the market for a new quality bbq under $1,000 Canadian. I’ve had Weber, Napoleon, and Vermont Castings over 30 years. I haven’t found much difference between any of them, other than they’re all very expensive, and generally don’t last longer than 10 years without considerable replacement components and cost. My question, based on all the forum feedback is: why isn’t anyone considering Broil-King from Onward Manufacturing. These grills appear on par with both materials quality and warranty, they are at least 25% less cost, and all their factories (3) are located in the United States (2) and Canada (1).

  22. Ian B says:

    I am very pleased I found this comparison and Weber Genesis S-310 NG wins. Now to find a great deal which I think will be difficult as it would seem Weber (Canada) has very strict controls over price? S-310 @ $1,199 + 5%GST.
    Thank you to all (and Colin) for the constructive comments. I have been using a Weber Genesis NG for the past 15 years and prior to that a Weber charcoal. We barbecue virtually every weekend no matter the weather (-30C to +30C in Calgary).
    The Genesis NG is still working well although the flavour bars are now rusting and time for a change – so – time to review the options.The cover blew away a few years back but still the Weber has stood up to the elements. I power-wash the BBQ approximately 3 to 4 times a year and generally cook meats on high heat with middle burner off (indirect). Drunken chicken is another favourite as is the traditional turkey. Pity the lid is not high enough to accommodate a drunken turkey!
    I have done the ‘tyre-kicking’ at all the local stores and soon realised there are only 2 to choose from. Hence the Web to solicit feedback and look or a ‘deal’.
    Cheers and beers.

    • Colin says:

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the delay in it getting posted, it went into the SPAM folder for some reason and I just found it. My friend also has the Weber charcoal and loves it. We went camping and he did a pulled pork on it, which was delicious.

  23. Victor says:

    Hello guys,

    Thank for the info.

    Help me to decide between Weber Summit S-470 (2700 cad + tax) and Napoleon P500RSIBSS (1499 cad + tax).

    Thank you.

  24. John B says:

    Hi Colin,

    I can’t comment on the Napoleon P500RSIB-SS specifically, but I have a Plain Jane P500 that I bought last September. It’s exactly the same construction, minus the back and side burners and has porcelainized cast iron wave cooking grates instead of the stainless steel ones. I bought it on the recommendation of a friend who bought one a couple of years ago and put 6 tanks of propane through it without a complaint. I was sick of fixing and replacing $200 BBQs every 2-3 years and it took a bit of soul searching before paying more for a BBQ than a kitchen stove. I bought it for under $1000 when there was an end-of-season sale.

    I BBQ year ’round, don’t have a cover and so far I’m very pleased with it. I’ve seen none of the corrosion or staining problems you report, but mine is truly made in Canada and has a better warranty. I didn’t do a lot of research, just lucked out buying from a local Napoleon dealer. Only later did I find out the ones sold by Canadian Tire and Costco were cheaper models made in China, constructed from lower grade materials. The only “fault” I’ve experienced is that the temperature gauge got some condensation inside the glass that went away but is now back. Napoleon says that’s not normal and will replace it, but I’ll see if it clears up this summer. Anyway, I’m sure a P500RSIB-SS a lot better than your Chinese one.

    • Colin says:

      Thank you for you’re input. Much appreciated.

    • Debbie says:

      We purchased a Ted Reader Napoleon at Canadian Tire 8 years ago, for $699. It’s natural gas version, Red enamel lid, stainless cabinet. I’m not personally a fan of stainless bbq or cabinets simply because they always look their best in the show room. Not sure what was wrong with the old classic black versions. Since we purchased it, this bbq has been literally blown off of the deck it sits on 3 times! After the last time, my husband bolted it to the deck through the bottom of the cabinet. We use our bbq year round and average 4 days/week. Burners have been replaced under original 5 year warranty and we just ordered a few additional parts this spring. It gets a good cleaning twice a year. (not pressure washed). The igniter works year round, if you change the batteries in the spring. Only thing that stopped working was the temp gauge. This was a replacement for the 12 year old (classic black) Broil King we previously had.

  25. John S says:

    Thanks for all of the comments here. I’m deciding between a Weber Genesis EP-330 (Smoke color with enamel housing, stainless grates and burners, with sear burner and a side burner)) at about $849 or the Napoleon LEX 485 (Stainless with side infrared sear burner, back infrared burner, “cooler” on the left side, and knobs that light up) for around $900. Almost exactly the same price so will decide on quality and features only. Have had issues with cheaper stainless external grills getting dirty after a while but my dad’s 30+ year old enamel Weber still looks great with only two burner/flavor bar replacements since we bought it for him in 1984-even with regular use. Based on comments, I am heavily leaning to the Weber side due to maintenance and quality comments on this site, but I like the idea of the extra features on the Napoleon (The light up knobs and cooler won’t be used much but the idea of a built in beer cooler and lights are so tempting) I’ve never tried to grill with infrared but might be nice to try. Any additional input/suggestions?

    • Colin says:

      I’ll admit that I liked the infrared burner for quick burgers and steaks. It’s quite small. But the stainless steel was impossible to keep clean and really not worth the work. I much prefer the enamel. Just look at the pictures of the two grills and you can see how they age. I thought the light up knobs were really cool, too, but I never actually used them. Hope this helps.

    • Jeff K says:

      Hi John S,

      My wife and I are looking into purchasing our first barbecue and are happy to have stumbled on this site. Thank you all for your feedback, it has been very helpful.

      John, we are located in Ottawa, and at a local specialty store they have listed the Weber Genesis EP-330 at $1,249. You mentioned that you were considering purchasing it for $849, is that in Canadian or US dollars? Where are you located that you were able to see a deal like that? If you could provide a link for us then perhaps the local store would be willing to price match for us.
      Colin, thanks or starting this discussion, and for replying to all of the comments!

      Jeff K

      • Colin says:

        Glad I could help!

        • Jeff K says:

          Hi Collin,

          I’m not sure how to contact John S. Is it possible for you to forward my question to him?
          Thanks a bunch!

          Jeff K

          • Colin says:

            I’m not sure how to contact him directly. Perhaps he’ll see this.

          • Colin says:

            I figured it out and have sent him an email with your question.

          • Colin says:

            Hi Jeff,

            Here’s your reply: Hi,

            Sorry I didn’t see the post. Go to I just bought the Genesis with stainless steel inside, but enamel outside for around $850. EP- 330 ( no tax or shipping fees). This is in USD shipped to Ohio. When you call ask about promos as they have web specials that can take about 5% or more off the price. The agent was helpful in finding these for me. You also get bbqguys points which I used a week later to take about $30 or so off the price of a grill cover and drip pans. Good luck and let me know if you have and questions.

            John S

      • John S says:

        Sorry I didn’t see the post earlier. I just bought the Genesis with stainless steel inside, but enamel outside for around $850. EP- 330 ( no tax or shipping fees) at This is in USD shipped to Ohio. When you call ask about promos as they have web specials that can take about 5% or more off the price. The agent was helpful in finding these for me and delivery was quick. You also get bbqguys points which I used a week later to take about $30 or so off the price of a grill cover and drip pans. Good luck and let me know if you have and questions. BTW I love the Weber grill – even cooking and the stainless (inside) is easy to clean and the enamel wipes down well too. Heats up quickly and evenly.

        • Jeff K says:

          Alrighty, thanks a bunch John S. We’ll look into it.

          Colin, thanks again for all of your help and your dedication getting to each of the comments.

  26. Cahill37 says:

    Does anyone know where you can buy Weber or Napoleon BBQs that are made in Canada? Not China. I live in St. John’s, NL and the big box stores are pretty well the only option outside of ordeping online. Are all models at the big box stores made in China or just certain ones. I’m having a hard time find much info on it. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

    • Colin says:

      To my knowledge most of the US or Canadian made grills are available through the smaller independent shops. Sometimes they sell heating equipment (fireplaces, wood-stoves and such) but have a few grills on the floor as well. I’m not familiar with St. John’s, but maybe one of the readers on this site can help you out.

    • Steven says:

      There’s a Fireplace store next to the Army supply on Topsail Rd that sells Napoleon. I’m actually upgrading from my Weber Q and looking at Napoleon Triumph 410. Good luck

  27. Sean says:

    Thanks for everyone’s feedback. Since I’m in the market to buy a new natural gas grill I have read everyone’s comments with a great deal of interest. Unfortunately, it still seems like there is no clear winner here with both companies outsourcing the manufacturing to china and the inherent problems. A quick google search for “Weber Grill problems” gives you a ton of people complaining about that companies cheap china products too. My parents in-law have a napoleon grill that is over 20 years old and still working. I replaced the burners and the actual cast iron grills about 4 years ago but everything else is still in great shape… funny enough though is that it is not made of stainless steel. Wish I could find a solid grill that is just solid – and doesn’t need to be so pretty.

  28. Kevin says:

    i have recently purchased a Napoleon P500rsib but with a painted lid as i was hoping to not see some of the discoloration on the stainless. It replaced a broil king imperial 90 that i bought new 12 years ago. quality wise the napoleon wins hands down. heats up quickly and the ignition system is great. cant say anything for customer service as i have yet to deal with anyone but weber\broil king service is excellent. seems like every year for the past 5 or so i was having to replace something on my Broil King and they were always helpful and usually included something in the order no charge. napoleons have a great 10 year warranty and i was told everything is over the counter.

  29. Jeff says:

    Here’s what I can share with you about my P500RSIBPSS that is almost 2 years old now. The Jetfire ignition lights immediately as it did from day 1. The stainless steel shows no signs of rust, and I NEVER cover the grill. I did replace the cast iron sear burner grate with the stainless steel one from the PRO series grills. Cast iron is very high maintenance and will rust too easy. I grill out year round and the grill never let’s me down. I’ve never had the issue with the Sizzle Zone blowing out, but the shelves on the Prestige are larger than the Mirage, so that might be why. My girlfriend has a Weber Genesis 3 burner with the “searing” burner. 1800° vs 800° – that’s the difference between Napoleon Sizzle Zone and Weber Searing burner. Most of my cooking is done on the Sizzle Zone. But honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong with either brand. They’re both excellent grills.

  30. hayley says:

    Hi all
    I am in the industry. I have sold both brands of barbecues for over 15 years. I would have to say the quality is on par IF you purchase made in Canada product. This is something we preach religiously to our clients. Both manufacturers have moved parts of their production to the orient. We simply will not sell those products. I have a 12 year old Napoleon(made in Barrie of course) and I have yet to replace any parts on it.
    Regardless of what suppliers or retailers tell you…people…but NORTH AMERICAN ONLY.
    We regularly check labelling on product and the minute we see “made in china” …out it goes. Vermont Castings did the same thing a few years back and we immediately dropped the line. I understand they have now moved production back to the USA.
    The only way to be sure is to check the rating plate on the bbq. I actually saw a Ted Reader version of the Napoleon unit signed up in Canadian Tire as made in Canada..which it is not.
    The Prestige line is the only way to go. Buy specialty product from a specialty store!

    • Colin says:

      Thanks for your input. I just want to mention, again, that when I contacted Napoleon before purchase they assured me that the Made in China units were up to their high standards and that the gauge of steel was the same. But from the reviews and experiences I’ve since read and heard there seems to be a large quality difference between the units.

      • Anony Mous says:

        Yah, Weber says that about their Spirit too. They try to focus on the fact that it’s “their people in those factories” and that they totally stand behind the product. But that’s just it — they have to stand behind the product if they wear the Weber or Napoleon name anywhere on their person. They cannot have doubts about any of their products.

        Though I will say that our Weber rep is far more active with us than the Napoleon rep, though they are both exceptional men and are incredibly helpful when we are dealing with customers/issues of our own.

  31. Simon says:

    Great grill thread here and with a Canadian perspective to boot! My story, I have a 6 year old Weber Summit S-650. Overall I would say I’ve been very satisfied with the grill as I’ve never had to put a dime into it….yet.

    Pluses are that it heats up pretty fast and will eventually get to about 700 Degrees in about 10 minutes, it’s a great size (6 burners) and flare ups are kept to a minimum compared to others that I’ve seen (not Webers).

    The minuses are… 4 of my 6 burners are quite finicky and won’t fire up at all sometimes so I have to be creative when lighting. There is definite discoloration on many parts of the grill (which is all SS by the way). One of the burners on the right side provides a weird and higher heat than the others (even at its lowest temperatures) so I have to be careful when cooking on that side. Also wish the warming rack was bigger.

    So all in all would I buy another Weber? I think it would be on my shopping list but I would definitely look at others too. My brother-in-law has a Napoleon (2 years old) that he loves and his is a P500 Prestige series. I’ve also cooked on my parents 2 year old Broil King (Signet) and it appears well built and fires up nicely but I found that it did an average to a below average job when it came to flare-ups so you had to be careful when cooking with fattier meats.

    If one could up their budget a bit I would look at other brands as well.

    I’ve seen a Crown Verity (relatively unknown brand made in Brantford ON) in action at a Golf Club and that thing was sweet, maybe not the prettiest to look at without many bells and whistles (like side burners, rotisserie etc..), it’s just a very well-built pure outdoor cooking machine and a hell of a good one at that. It would be near the top of my list (with a $2500 budget). So many choices out there…..

  32. Bruno says:

    I had a prestige 450 I bought back in 2001 and 15 years later it’s still going strong, I just picked up a used prestige 450 (stainless made in 2009) that is Natural Gas for $200.00 . I couldn’t resist as I have a NG hookup at our new home here north of Toronto and getting tanks filled here is not that easy as running down the street. I got my money out of the first one and this second used one now on a NG looks like brand new althought the grills are rusted out, but thankfully I replaced my old 450’s grilles with Stainless anbout 3 years ago and these bad boys popped right into the new used one. I bought my from a BBQ dealer way back when and the owner of this newer used one bought form a Napoleon dealer as well. I have no complaints at all and the warranty is pretty awesome. Sounds to me the Canadian Tire/Costco deals were not as described.

  33. Rob Watson says:

    Just purchased the P500 RSIB-ss made in Barrie from Classic Fire Place and BBQ store in Scarborough. Ask for Bruce.

    I used this thread to get my BBQ for $1300 with cover thrown in. Thanks Branislav!

    First impression before even firing it up? Wow! This thing looks solid and I can’t wait to cook on it tonight! On top of that I love supporting Canadian made and the warranty is incredible.


  34. Gab says:

    I was facing exactly the same decision.

    I made my decision based on the following:

    (I didn’t see in the comments before, if it was mentioned sorry…)

    It is the diameter of the grill rods.
    The Weber Premium CEP-330 is made only for the Canadian market and sold for 1300$ for propane and 1350$ NG version in bbq speciality stores. I didn’t see it in any major box store, they don’t sell this version.

    The specification of this bbq cannot be even found on Weber website.
    This Weber bbq has 9mm heavy duty style steal grilling rod, while at the same price range Napoleon has only 7mm. If I remember correctly Napoleon only installes 9mm rods on bbqs above the 2000$ ranges.

    The grilling rod diameter specifications by itself would have been a decision factor for me toward Weber and looking in addition the amount of material used and the built quality of the Napoleon in the same price range 1300$, I think I made a good choice going with the Weber.
    This type of Weber bbq called in the US Special Edition EP-330 and even in the US, it is sold with 7mm only.. We are lucky…

    Unfortunately, this specification is not emphasized even at store sale level, unles the customer looks into the details…


    • Colin says:

      Thank you for the information!

    • Branislav says:

      I was considering this grill before I purchased Napoleon. It is obvious that grids are thicker on CEP model comparing to Napolion prestage 500. Question is what kind of quality are those as well as heat transfer plates, lid etc. Please try to stick fridge magnet to them and tell us if it sticks. You will notice that it does which means that you paid for low quality stainless steal. I would appreciate if users would perform same test on Napleon prestage grills and share info. I am not trying to play any games here but quality of material used on Napolion is much better. There is better housing, better flawor bars, better burners etc.
      I do not care if grill is made in US, China or Canada but quality difference is obviously leaning towards Canadian made grill. Weber was setting standards for quality made product in the past. It is unfortunate but it is a fact. They are not as good as they used to be. I know that I am making strong comes here about something that is not that important in your lifes, such as grill. The appliance you use to make your food in your yard. But the quality of the the material used is currently much better on Napolion.
      Good luck with your Weber grill!!!

  35. Bill says:

    Hey Colin,
    Have to agree with Don above, be cautious about buying bbq’s from big box stores. 11 years ago we bought the big Vermont Casting (solid bbq), unfortunately we get terrible wind which knocked it over and caused good damage. Looking to replace it with either Napoleon pro665 vs weber summit. I heard good things about both units, however after checking them out they really don’t make bbq’s like they used to… really disappointed and wish Vermont Casting was still in business. Never replaced any parts except for the igniter module and wires… that’s it. Solid cast iron grates still in good shape, no rust on the unit (stainless steel). Could keep it going, but parts are difficult to find.

    As a result, need to look into another bbq. Not a big fan of buying something made in China, so I would like to invest into a better product. So far, I’m leaning toward the Napoleon pro-665. Still doesn’t seem upto the quality as the Vermont Casting.

  36. Bill says:

    Hey Colin,
    Sorry didn’t mention that the Vermont Casting was NOT bought at any big box store. Bought it through a private small business.

  37. CalgaryJ says:

    Thank you for creating this forum. Lots of great info!

    I had initially set out to buy a weber genesis but the sales guy at bbq galore had a great sales pitch for the Napoleon p500rsib (natural gas). The store also prides themselves on competitive pricing with a price match guarantee.

    After getting a lower quote from Gemco fireplaces Edmonton, much to my surprise, bbq galore just adjusted their pricing for the Napoleon p500rsib ng from 1549 down to 1349, making it the exact price as the Weber genesis cep330. With the longer warranty, I went with Napoleon. Can’t wait to test its performance!

  38. David says:

    Hi Colin, I have a couple of clarification questions for Branislav about the $1300 deal he got at Waltek. Can you please post them and if possible send him a note asking him to respond? Thank you very much and thanks for this thread, it was very helpful. We are looking at BBQs and your thread has helped us avoid the made in China products being pushed by the big box stores.

    1) Model Purchased: Branislav, you said you bought the Napoleon P500RSIB SS 2016 model. Is this Prestige Pro model that typically retails for $2200 or the Prestige model that typically retails for about $1500.

    2) Cover & Accessories: Branislav, you also said that they threw in a free cover and some accessories. Can you let us know please exactly what they threw in on your deal? Thanks very much.

    • branislav says:

      My intention was not to use this form for price matching. Please see my answers:
      1) It was Napoleon P500RSIB SS (natural gas) 2016 model. It retails for $1550
      2) It was free cover and accessories of my choice up to $50 value.
      BTW anyone getting Weber BBQs can expect the similar deal (10 to 15% off) from smaler retailers or even Home Depot.

  39. Kevin says:

    My wife and I bought a prestige line Napoleon bbq 4 yrs ago for the cottage, by far the best bbq we have ever cooked on. Did not buy from Crappy tire, bought from a specialty bbq store. It is fantastic and and I’m thinking of another one for home.

    I have read on many forums that the Canadian Tire or big box store ones are not the same regardless of what People say wether they work for Napoleon or not.

  40. Steve says:

    Hello there from Australia. This thread is awesome! and very timely that I stumbled across it. I am about to push the button on a Napoleon Built-In.
    It is particularly important to me because the outdoor kitchen is being built around the bbq, so longevity is a real priority, hence great warranty is one of my selection criteria.
    In Australia, my research suggests the choice is predominantly between the Weber and Napoleon products for build quality also. I now know that when I go to inspect the Napoleon bbq at one of the very few Napoleon stockists, I must ask for and sight the country of manufacture.
    Unfortunately, we cant get the Prestige series here in Oz due to some crap safety law on the infrared burner on that particular bbq. However, I really like the look of the LEX 730. The local BBQ Galore retailer have a Ziegler & Brown Turbo Elite which is also comparable with a 10yr warranty on the fire box.
    I’m not sure if this product is available over in your nick of the woods, but I rate the Canadian and US domestic use of bbqs and would love an opinion if there is any knowledge of anyone a usage story

    • Colin says:

      From a Google search it looks like the LEX is the same as the Mirage, which is manufactured in China, and the source of many of the user complaints. I imagine with a built-in wanting it to last is even more important. The problem is with the stainless not being so stainless and needing constant cleaning. I noticed that the built-in Weber has the black porcelain enamel, which, to my understanding and experience, ages better and is easier to keep looking sharp. I checked it out on the Weber Australia site. But it does seem to be quite a bit more. Anyway, I hope this helps and that someone else can give a little more insight and information on the built-in units. Especially readers in Oz. Cheers.

    • Glen says:

      Hi Steve

      I too was in the market for the Napolean Lex730 and decided to do a bit more research before purchasing. Luckily came across this site.

      What did you decided to do?? Can you report on the bbq you purchased and how are you going with it?

      Kind Regards

  41. Sue says:

    Napoleon dare say that our unit is remarkably clean. We used it for all of 2 summers and not often as we are away for one month each year ! It is a piece of expensive junk.

    They offer to send us the fasteners for the plates ! The entire cooking area, the sear plates, the sear plates support and the grillhead are corroded with rust.
    There is so much rust that one of the support of the sear plates was
    completely unscrewed and the far right burner was also unscrewed and were
    found at the bottom of the cooking area. It is not surface rust as they claim, it is corroded.

    We take good care of our things, it is cleaned every time it is used.

    We bought a cheap one for 200$ that lasted 6 years, shows how we do take care of our things.

    I am more angry than disappointed. We’ve been had by the ”Napoleon” name.

    Sue (Quebec)

    • Colin says:

      Sorry to hear about your experience. It’s disappointing to say the least, especially with the customer service lacking, also. And with them arguing with, rather than listening to, you. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with me and others.

  42. Stewart Bradley says:

    Thanks all for the information regarding Weber V Napoleon. I’ve had a Weber for 15 years and loved it but was looking at getting a Napoleon, after reading these reviews I’ll be staying with Weber. Cheers from the UK

  43. Wally says:

    Just recently received from cashing in our AirMiles, a Napoleon Pro500 NG. On back of BBQ states made in Canada with domestic and imported parts. Any thoughts, just wondering if those sold in specialty stores state the same?

    • Colin says:

      I think that’s the Prestige line. I haven’t heard anything bad about that line. I’m not sure about what’s on those sold in specialty stores, perhaps someone else can answer that for you.

  44. Caroline says:

    Hi Colin – Do you have any feedback on portable grills? I have a small outdoor space, and do some occasional camping, so had narrowed my choices down to either a Weber Q1200 (which, sadly, is only compatible with the flimsy and unattractive folding cart), a larger Q2200 (which is compatible with a stationary cart), or a Napoleon Travel Q285X (on the scissor cart, since the TQ285 isn’t compatible with a cart and I don’t have a table to put a grill on). And I had planned on buying from either Home Depot (Weber) or Can. Tire (Napoleon). But after reading this thread, I’m wondering if spending extra money on either brand is worth it, since both likely manufacturer these inexpensive units in China. Does anyone have any experience with either model? Should I just go with a Coleman or a Broil King? I just don’t want to waste my money.

    • Colin says:

      I don’t know much about portable grills, but maybe someone else reading this will. My friend who has the Weber pictured on this site, also owns one of their charcoal grills. He’s very happy with that, also. He said, it is great for the cost. He brought it along camping with us once, and did up a pulled pork on it. It was excellent.

    • Clay says:

      I bought a Napoleon Prestige in 2000 at a home hardware on Young St Toronto. This sat on my deck in Toronto in snow up to the pan with year round grilling (1-2x /wk).

      I converted to NG when I moved to the Okanagan in 2005 and again grilled year round with it locked in ice and snow on my deck – love the mid lid hinge for when I couldn’t move the grill.

      I converted it back to P using the original burners when I moved to Victoria in 2008. No ice and snow but the original cover was well past its life and grill was often drenched. I finally decided that the rain soaked original cover was retaining more moisture than if I just left grill uncovered – so now is uncovered.

      I would say Im hard on grills and never do anything but grill. I think I pressure washed it twice in 16yrs. and its sits out unprotected often.

      In 2014 I was buying a new grill for my cottage and purchased a broil king signet with rot (as i love the Napoleon rot 6-10 x / yr). I gave my gf my napoleon, my cottage got her 8 yr old BK and I kept the new BK.

      BK is huge disappointment – has broken plastic on side (3rd use), seized caster (1.5 yrs), doors dont stay closed, magnet continues to come off. better temp control than 14 yr old Napoleon but build quality is garbage.

      My N has the ss grills of old and these things are bullet proof. what you lose in toys from a webber you easy gain in better grilling – isnt that what you want from a “grill”.

      I cook on my Napoleon more at gf (1/wk) than on BK at my house. will be swapping back. I have cooked on many webber genesis in the past and they are great grills. I have no experience with Chinese-made of either brand but would only recommend to stay away from BK if you want quality build.

  45. Thank you so munch for your info. Your sitte has ben vert informative.
    We were seriously thinking of buying a Napoleon gas grill, but not anymore. We live in Norway. Such have to have a grill that will sustain the Norwegian weather with rain and snow and easy to clean.
    We have been looking at Beafeater, but the 3 burner in steel is sold out here and in Europe. Its size for the terrace would have been perfect, but again very expensive (nok 25,000) :(.
    So now we are back to seriously looking at the Weber gas grill that everybody seem to be more or less happy with. Unfortunately, we find them a little old fashioned and bulky in their look and take more space. Last is why we have ben a lite hesitant to buiyng a Weber. We will however, only buy a gas grill made In US now.
    Thanks all.

    Richard and Christina

    • Bog says:

      Christina, keep in mind the Napolean Prestige Line are exclusively made in Canada. I’ve visited a few specialty BBQ stores in the Greater Toronto Area (BBQ Galore in Vaughan, Dicksons in uptown Toronto) and in terms of Napolean, they all recommend the Prestige and Prestige Pro line.

      Many people who own the Prestige and Prestige Pro line (past models) rave about their quality and value.

      As mentioned previously, the only Weber models made in the USA are the Genesis and Summit models. So don’t be fooled – as not all Napoleans are created equally, the same applies to Weber as well.

      Additionally, most BBQ Specialty stores tell me, when comparing Weber (Genesis, Summit) and Napolean (Prestige, Prestige Pro) it really comes down to preference.

  46. Paul B says:

    I’ve owned my Napoleon for 6 years now. Just purchased a Weber Genisus today.
    I have been mostly disappointed with the Napolean grill. I had to replace the burners after 2 years, now the heat shields are gone ax well as the warming rack and drip pan.
    I expected more from this nearly $1000 grill. The unit I have was made in China.
    I do not recommend a Napoleon, not good value. Very excited about the new Weber. Hope it lives up to its reviews.

  47. Dave says:

    What Weber grill lines are made in NA ?

  48. Joe D says:

    Napoleon may say that the stainless steel used in their Chinese grills are up to their specifications. I have news for them. Chinese specifications are routinely falsified. Napoleon should do their on analysis of the metal. I believe over 75% of the fasteners, pipe fittings, bolts, metal plate, etc have fake analyses.

  49. chris says:

    Picking up Napoleon prestige Pro tomorrow. Wish I reviewed this site before I bought but will let everyone know about my experience

    • Colin says:

      I haven’t heard anything bad about the Prestige line. It’s still made in Canada. I hope you have a great grilling season!

  50. Roland says:

    Hi Colin and thanks for hosting this blog. I tend to beat major purchases to death and don’t mind spending more money on quality equipment that will last longer and presumably be less maintenance over time. I’ve currently got a 6 burner stainless beast of a Coleman that I’ve replaced heat tents and other minor parts over the years, but can no longer obtain parts to keep it going after more than a dozen years. That said and not wanting to drop thousands on a Viking, Lynx or similar, I’ve zeroed in on Weber and Napoleon like others posting here. Specifically the Summit and Prestige Pro lines, respectively. The Summit line is Weber’s only one manufactured in the States and the Prestige Pro grills are the only few manufactured by Napoleon in Canada.

    I sent a query to both manufacturers simply asking them to note the grade of stainless used on various parts on their various units and received the following back this week:


    Thanks for your interest in Weber and specifically the Summit S-670. Different components of our grills are made from different grades of stainless steel. The exact make up of every part is not information we give out I apologize. Our grills are backed by a generous warranty should you have any troubles.

    Thanks and grill on!


    Weber Grills
    1415 S. Roselle Rd.
    Palatine, Il 60067


    The PRO models use exclusively 304 grade stainless steel. The LEX grills use a combination of 304 and 430 stainless, where the internal components are primarily 304 and the external are primarily 430. We do hope this helps!

    Please let us know should you require any additional information.

    Thank you!
    Customer Solutions
    T: 866-820-8686

    Obviously, there are a number of things that go into the build of a grill, but 304 or 316 stainless is far and away more superior to 430. It handles heat much better, 430 doesn’t take welds very good and corrosion resistance is night and day. Only 304 or 316 are used in medical environments and quality commercial kitchen equipment. So nothing beats 304 to beat the elements and withstand regular outdoor use. I have GE cafe products in my kitchen along with a “Chinese” hood/exhaust fan – and it’s all 304. The Chinese produce plenty of products in 304, but only if their clients want to pay for it.

    Back to my old Coleman – it’s 304, I never clean it, and it has been open to the elements for ages with no cover … And doesn’t have a spot of rust on it. I noticed a free 3 year old Prestige in a craigslist ad in Massachusetts last week because the thing was falling/rusting apart.

    Not sure what I’ll end up doing at this point, but leaning more toward the Prestige Pro over the Summit, may end up getting a Char Broil or similar instead of spending well over $1k on a Genesis or Prestige/Lex….or keep looking for a used Viking or similar heavy-duty SS product.

    • Reg MacD says:

      These companies should be using the following duplex grades for the Canadian environments and Char Broil did use these grades in earlier years. The problem these manufactures see with these duplex grades are that they last too long for their liking.
      So here is the deal degrade the metal components to a lower grade lasting 2-4 years and the customer will come back to buy a new one. Now how do we get the same money for a cheaper brand…yes you guessed it make them look good and ad some extra options like the sizzlers, tray holders for holding your beer, etc. Jack the price to $1500 -$2500…and see you in 2-4 years later. Now that people is what’s happening. We have been fooled for our desire for luxury and appearances.
      The common grade used in the water industry is the duplex alloy 2205(1.4462). This has a higher corrosion resistance to waters than 316L(1.4404). The name duplex indicates that the alloy structure contains both austenite and ferrite in roughly similar amounts. This appreciably increases the alloy strength whilst retaining a reasonable ductility. It will embrittle at very low temperatures, but as this occurs at below -45°C there is no practical significance. A range of super-duplex grades is available which are similar to the super-austenitic alloys in having very high corrosion resistance and are used for exceptionally severe conditions.

      People will get ripped off once but very seldom twice and all these bad blogs we are reading will catch up with them. As well back yard talk spreads like wildfire. I believe now until we see major changes in the industry standards to go out and buy your $200.00 to $300.00 barbecue keep it clean and treated and covered. When it’s gone buy another and you definitely will be way way ahead!!!

      • Reg MacD says:

        I don’t know why engineering companies and I am one don’t sit back design a few good looking barbecues with good accessories using good grade materials for a reasonable price or even higher prices and steal the market…I am thinking about this right now as there are several vacant manufacturing facilities available for cheap in my area. It’ll create good jobs….able to tap into some government money…design and convince a good investment company and the next thing you know move aside Napoleon and Weber new boy on train. Any good investors out there I have the ability, design expertise and now the motivation. Let me know and we can talk I can get the metal and manufacturing equipment.

  51. Joe says:

    In 2008 I bought a Napoleon Prestige Li 450 NG Copper. The firebox is completely rusted out. The burners are collapsed again (they were replaced after 3 years, rust being the issue). This unit has always been covered when not in use. It heated fast and cooked great but the quality of this Canadian made grill was subpar. Forget customer service, they are less than useless. I’m having to replace this grill and I’m bringing my magnets with me and checking labels but forget Napoleon. Junk.

  52. Rob says:

    I bought a T410 and it is complete junk, had 4 parts with major dents and defects. Spoke with store that I bought it from in Barrie (on Napoleon drive) and they wanted to charge me 40% restocking fee for a damaged bbq lol. Store owner Steve is a complete a$$ I asked for him to call me for 2 weeks and he never did. Napoleon claims to be a best managed company what a joke. I’ll never but another Napoleon, should’ve went with my gut and bought a Weber

  53. Jim says:

    Not sure about all the negativity towards Napoleon grills. If you buy at a box store then I think you get what you paid for. I have a Pro 500 which is one of the Prestige Q’s and it was over $2,000 Canadian which is about a buck and a half in US dollars these days with the way the Canadian $ is these days and it is almost 4 years old, used daily in the summer season and frequently over the winter.

    Apart from not keeping the stainless finish polished it works as if it was bought yesterday. My Weber lasted almost forever as well but again it was not a box store special.

    Cheap is cheap and better units from any manufacturer in my experience last way better. I have received excellent customer service out of Napoleon but it sometimes takes patience to get through to a rep but they seem to know how to solve problems .

    • Colin says:

      Over a $1000 may be cheep for you, but for most people it’s a fair amount of money to spend on a BBQ. And when it comes with the Napoleon name, you expect more. Most people do. That’s why they are spending more, thinking that name actually means something.

      I’m glad you had a better customer service experience than others have had, and that they resoled whatever issues you were having with your Napoleon.

  54. carpemark says:

    Sorry but your claims about Weber are rather far fetched:

    I just BBQ’ed halibut on a Napoleon Prestige 350 II today. This one has the Blue coating and is previous to the sear zone. Its 12 years old. Yes thats right, 12. years Every year I tear it apart and hit it with a scrapper on the insides due to Smoking ribs and rotisserie chicken. I use steel wool on the tubes and vim on the plastic shelf to the left and scrub the stainless steel side burner (scratched due to me not going with the grain at times – I can take responsibility for my mistakes – with a scrubbie).
    I called a year ago to replace a faulty ignition button. I expected to pay for it. They sent me one for $12 dollars. Not complaining.
    The Napoleon was $1100 dollars. Seems that it is worth every penny to be able to say that I am using it right now 12 year later. The heat is fantastic. All the parts (but for the ignition button as stated previously) are original. This is stainless steel. This is Made in Canada quality. I have never tampered with the hood, its still swings open so freely my 7 year old son easily opens it and tries to flatten the with a spatula hamburgers to force flare-ups. It has indented beer holders (maybe they mean for seasoning but beer bottles fit rather nicely). I have to say – you get what you pay for. My son will learn to grill and rotisserie on this thing. Its older than him. Its all original. Weber uses parts from China and other countries. Most BBQ’s that are priced cheaper HAVE to be made in China. Remember – you wanted cheap… you get cheap. Actually if you new to BBQ’ing please buy cheap to start with. Its a great way to have fun and not break your bank! I went through 3 BBQ’s before realizing what I had to have in the end. The Napoleon had an insert that did Coal as well. Its messy but I don’t mind cleaning the ash. I am presently torn between buying a Napoleon AS200K for slow cooking OR the Napoleon PRo22 – leg. I’m not slamming any other BBQ maker. Competition is great. But I will take on anyone who buys cheap and then complains – suck it up. You did it. You wanted it. The blue coat topping on my BBQ is unscratched and can be cleaned with VIM, bleach – molten lava as far as I know. But I do know Weber and Napoleon and other BBQ tops darken (brown) over time due to extreme heat exposure. I know – I see it across them all.
    No matter what – enjoy BBQ’ing! If mine breaks – I will create a list of what I need, want, would like to have (beer holder). Then research & buy – But Napoleon will be at the top for quality and durability.

    • Colin says:

      I’m glad that you had a good experience with your Napoleon. Clearly many haven’t. Napoleon made is China models don’t seem to be holding up to the Napoleon name. And while $1200 may be cheap to you, sir, for many it’s a lot to spend on a BBQ and that is the price many spent on the Napoleon’s that they are having trouble with. And they did their research. However, with the comments and photos provided here they can do more. But they’re probably more interested in how they are built today rather than 12 years ago. Things change and quality doesn’t always remain the same.

      • carpemark says:

        Actually you are incorrect. You will pay more than $1,000 if you buy cheaper grills over the exact same time. That is what you are falsely impressing upon your web site and in most of your remarks. As noted above Weber is not made of the stuff they once were. In fact rust issues are now very prevalent. You pay for what you get (i worked in computers so I learned that lesson very fast). The higher end webers and napoleon are fantastic and will save money. I am NOT saying the ones with 4 or more burners are needed. I do agree that anything coming out of China are crap. Sorry but the levels of care there are based on money saved for being made there. This also includes weber as their parts are from there and anywhere else they can get it cheap.
        You had a bad experience. So have I. I have a jeep. It is rusting before any other car of its age and the components are only thick but not more efficient than most anything. I had a toyota echo and it never rusted even with deep gouges into the steel.
        I like the curved grids as I drop less food inbetween them! Straight grids seem rather ancient technology that should be let go of.

        • Colin says:

          Happy for you that over $1000 is little money for you. For most people it isn’t. And the point in buying a name like Weber or Napoleon is that the companies are supposed to have a higher standard that all their grills meet. That’s why you spend the extra on them. But again, I’m glad that $1000 is nothing to you, but for most people it is a lot of money. And there are other grills, without the names, that are known to be cheaper in quality. Weber or Napoleon, even at entry level are supposed to be built better and last longer.

          • Robert says:

            Colin, I am reading this thread for the first time. Thanks for the informative site. I think you have misunderstood carpemark’s point. Although spending $1000+ on a bbq is a lot of money for many people, unthinkable for many more, his point was that perhaps it’s better to spend the $1000 initially instead of spending less on an inferior product, only to spend more money replacing parts or replacing the unit altogether within that 12 year period he described. At the end of the 12 year period, which method is less expensive? You missed that point, twice arguing the initial cost cloaked in some populist, anti-1% argument.

          • Colin says:

            Respectfully, the BBQ’s in question were $1000 plus and people are spending more on them thinking that because of the cost and name that they will last long. The they discover that after spending the money they are spending more on parts within a couple years. If you want to take that as a anti 1% argument your welcome to.

  55. Gabriel says:

    Bought myself a Napolean a few years ago. Rusted side panels and corroded lid bolt within a year WHILE cleaned and covered for the winter. What a waste of money.

  56. Gabriel says:

    I should add that my next purchase will be a Weber. Hopefully it’ll hold up better.

  57. Arnold Hryciuk says:

    When it comes to Napoleon grills don’t walk away RUN! I also bought a Napoleon Ted Reader TR 485 from Can. Tire six years ago it is a real hunk of junk. It’s a real rust bucket. Replaced the cooking grids, burners, cross light brackets, flavor bars, drip tray about three years ago. They replaced the burners under warranty but I had to pay for all the other parts. Now the burners are gone again and they will not warranty them and I am looking at over $100 to replace them. Also if it is the least bit windy out forget about using this BBQ , the wind constantly keeps blowing the burners out. Napoleon suggested I cook on high heat to alleviate this problem.

    For those that say ‘buy made in Canada” well guess what, my Sister and her husband in Calgary bought a Napoleon Prestige series from an authorized BBQ store and it appears to be made out of the same crappy steel as my Chinese model and is rusting also. I tried the magnet test and it sticks to their “Canadian” version with the same “clang” sound as it does to mine. Also I don’t consider a $1000 BBQ from Can. Tire to be “cheap” regardless of where it is made.

    As far as Napoleon Canada’s customer service or should I say “lack of it” forget that as well, very poor service. They could not care less about their customers. They make up every excuse in the book as to why it is rusting or not performing as it should other than just admitting it is just very poor quality plain and simple. You should NOT have to replace that many parts on a $1000 BBQ at your own expense every couple of years. I thought I was getting good product from a reputable company, boy was I wrong.This was my first “and last” Napoleon grill, never again. I refuse to pay good money for a product regardless of where it’s made to a company that will NOT stand behind their products.

    • Colin says:

      Sorry to hear about the troubles that both you and your sister have experienced. And you’re right, $1000 isn’t cheep. I don’t know why some people are saying it is, they must have money to burn. Though one praised his $1200 BBQ and then went onto insult people who buy cheap, so I’m thinking it’s being ill-informed as much as anything.

      • carpemark says:

        Nope – just saying cheap means cheap. how is that wrong? its not an insult. Its fact. I’m not going to pander people. Man up.

        • Colin says:

          Being polite isn’t pandering. And, again, to most people over $1000 isn’t cheap, nor are the Weber and Napoleon names considered to be cheap at any level. And rather than “Man up”, how about you grow up. Most people on this thread are helpful and curious to one another. If you’re not ready for adult conversations then please stay out of them.

  58. Brendan says:

    This is a great discussion – thanks to all for posting, and the respectful conversation.

    Funny how everything tends to come down to Weber vs Napoleon. I’m in Vancouver BC, where the climate is pretty wet, but we do have our nice days. I’ve been a loyal Weber fan for many years, and have been using a Genesis Silver for over 12 years, with great success. It was a Home Depot special, but I upgraded to SS grates and SS flavorizer bars in year 3. The thing is still running strong, and I use it a lot – year round. I also did a conversion from LP to NG, and that has worked out well, albeit it that is a no-no according to Weber. The thing has been rained on for 10+ years, and not much rust, if any. Fit and finish are still great. And, I don’t clean it nearly as much as I should. But, time to upgrade.

    I was really interested in in staying with Weber, and was seriously leaning to the Summit Grill Center – about $4500 CDN. But, when comparing it to the Napoleon Pro825, the differences were very apparent.

    I was planning to spend about $2500 to $3000, but quickly realized that when buying something you want and hope to have a long time, it is worth the extra money to go big on quality – do it right the first time.

    I do recognise that over time companies change production/tactics, and the made in China issue comes up, but moving into the higher end seems to be the insurance against that.

    I must say that in looking at the Napoleon vs Weber, and being in Canada, the Napoleon product seemed to represent a lot more value – as I understand it. Weber has to pay duties/tariffs to bring grills to Canada, and I think it shows in the overall features and quality of the grill. I could be completely wrong, but it does make some sense I think. I love the Weber product, but the Napoleon build and features in my opinion clearly outclassed the Weber, at least on that line of products.

    With respect to value, this is a tricky thing, and I see it being batted around in this conversation. Value is a measure of cost vs. utility. Bottom line is I have always felt that someone should buy the best quality they can afford – if the intent is to have the item for a very long time, you will seldom go wrong – when the extra money spent to get higher quality is always worth it, albeit this principle rarely works when dealing with low-end purchases (junk is junk). Replace things because you want to, not because you have to.

    I have also thought that no matter how much money you are spending, as noted above, $1200 is not chump change, therefore it would be better, no matter what the price range, to buy better quality – not more upgrades and gadgets. The higher quality will lead to a better experience, despite not having the bells and whistles. I’d rather have a higher quality low end car, than a lower quality high end car… hope that makes sense…

    With respect to Colin’s comments on the China issue – I cannot agree more. These companies are taking shortcuts to cheap out on cheap labour and materials – and using their name to float the buying decision in the marketplace. Weber, Napoleon, or others – they all do it. If one is mindful of what they are buying, within their price range, success can be had at any level. If it comes out of Crappy Tire, Home Depot, Lowes, or K-mart, with a high end name, its probably crap – particularly in this day and age. Too bad… but they don’t make them like they use to.

    Anyone want to buy a used Genesis Silver? 🙂 All the best, and happy grilling.

    • carpemark says:

      Excellent comment! My buddy loves his Weber Genesis Silver! There is a Weber Silver or Gold that had its inerds torn out and converted to coal from gas. It has survived mid-ontario winters for 5 years now (it was 5 years old before that)! I tip my hat to that fact.

  59. Jeff says:

    How can I tell if my BBQ was made in Canada or China? I assume that I should not just trust the salesperson.



    • Colin says:

      It should say somewhere on it, or on the website. It is a little tricky though. I wish I had a better answer for you, someone else might.

      • John says:

        Says right on the back of the grill on the manufacturer’s plate.

        Older Canadian-made Napoleons said “Made in Canada”.. I notice now it says (more honestly) “Made in Canada from domestic and foreign sourced materials”. In other words, you can expect some components are from China, even on the Canadian units. I suspect items like the ignition module, temp. gauge, etc. are offshore sourced. The metal formed parts like the cabinet, burners, sear plates, hood, etc. are most certainly from Wolf Steel in Barrie, Ontario.

  60. Kerry DeLorey says:

    I’m so glad I found this blog.
    I set out yesterday morning in search of a Napoleon grill to replace my ball-of-rust-wired-together-12 year-old Kenmore…which has never given me a lick of trouble. I’m more confused now than ever. The comments here prove that the salespeople at the three dealers I visited are giving me vastly conflicting information. I read every entry on this forum last night after I came home.
    What it seems to boil down to is:
    1. Don’t buy a Napoleon from the big box stores since they appear to have their product manufactured in China. These units all seem to rust, discolour and not produce the promised quantity of BTUs.
    2. The Napoleon sear plates turn to rust after a year or two.
    3. Even though they are supposedly ‘Made in Canada’, most of the parts are made in China…which brings us back to item#1.
    4. A few years ago, all Napoleons were made in Canada from Canadian parts and were the best in the industry…but those days are gone.

    I’m 62 and this will most likely be the last grill I own.
    So I’ll be spending the day looking at Webers tomorrow.
    Thanks again for helping me avoid a costly mistake.

  61. EJ says:

    Thanks, you have saved me a lot of time, I was seriously looking at a Napoleon grill but now will just go with a Weber Summit series. This is what the internet is best at, proving places to get useful information.

  62. Warren says:

    I stumbled upon your site as I was looking for replacement parts for our Napoleon grill…which was bought at Canadian tire. We bought it because I thought the Napoleon name meant quality. We have parts that a burnt out and rusted. I treated this BBQ like a queen as I did pay $1000 for it thinking it would last a long time it has proven. I guess I was wrong…so in the end I have a $1000 broil master or fiesta. Great site thanks for all the news

  63. Martin says:

    Great blog, but very worrying. I bought a Weber Summit S 370 last week. Unpacking showed a broken light switch. The right hand burner kept taking five attempts to light, temperature control was awful and the rotary control knobs were either loose to turn or very stiff.
    Weber were good on the service side and said they would arrange a service call to change the manifold, burner and light switch – on a brand new pricey unit.
    Home Depot were just excellent in their help and immediately said they would give a full refund. Because of delays in pick-up for the return, the store manager drove out with a truck to complete the task – good customer service. Refund done at once.
    This experience has sent me off to the Napoleon dealer with the thoughts of a Prestige P500 or P500 Pro, but all these comments and experiences reported by other Napoleon users is putting me off. Has anyone had poor experience with the “made” in Canada products? My much beloved 20 year old Vermont sat out in all weather till the burners rusted off the fire box, but apart from Weber and Napoleon, what other quality grills are out there. Consumer Reports review of grills has some really cheap units as their top picks, but when you look at these products on other review sites, they get slammed.
    Any suggestions or reassurances much appreciated

    • Colin says:

      You could’ve just gotten a bad unit with the Weber. Maybe something happened in shipping, I don’t know. I’m glad to hear that their customer service is still good though. That was one of the things my friend raved about with the Weber. And I’m glad you got a refund, also. And that they came to pick it up. Impressive. I’ve heard much fewer complaints about the Prestige with Napoleon units. But I have heard some. You can read many on this site. At least with the cheaper units you’re not investing as much so it’s not a frustrating when things go wrong. Sadly, it seems more and more that a lot of the price with some of the more expensive ones is paying for the name rather than the quality that the name used to represent. Years ago a had a Broil King. It was great. The only reason I got rid was because I was moving and couldn’t take it with me. I’ve heard other people mention it, too. It’s not really cheap, more in the middle. And I believe they are made in North America. Let us know how things work out. Happy Grilling!

  64. John Schneiter says:

    My Weber spirit frame (that’s what they call the area under the fire box that’s closed up) and has doors on it.. disintegrated after 8 years.. I suppose that’s not awful. My 1st clue was that one of the front stainless doors fell of..when I tried to re-mount it, the lower rail fractured and the floor fell apart in front of my eyes.. It’s warranted by Weber for 2 years so after 8 years it’s gone.. so now the hunt for a new grill. I had never seen a Napoleon.. but looked at one and saw features that seemed superior to what was offered by Weber for about the same price (about $950). so reading this causes great concern. With Weber I got the grill serial #. I thought I had the grill for about 5 years.. I registered it 8 years before.. so there was someone to talk to.
    The only thing that attracts me is the infra red aspect vs. the Weber.. My sense is that the Weber is of superior quality… Before my Spirit , I had a Weber platinum grill for about 15 years.. The pictures here pretty much talked me out of the glitz that seems to be included with the Napoleon in the show room.. Comments?

  65. Chad says:

    Well I had a Vermont amazing BBQ it’s 18 years old
    And still going I was looking to upgrade as I looked into a webber my brother bought on and it nearly burnt his house down lit it on high let the BBQ warm up and when he came out side the lid was concaved in it was a 2500 dollar summit I seen a summit in Home Depot it was not the same quality (cheaper ) but still scared me off of webber
    I went to a napolian store to look at the prestege product was impressed with it but appond talking to the guy he said do not buy a napolian from Canadian tire Walmart or Home Depot they are the cheaper versions now reading all the stuff on this site I’m glad I listened I asked about the webber he told me webber was bought out and now is made in China as of a few years ago even there high end brands now been that my brothers lid collapsed I’m guessing he was telling me the truth he did show me the diff in quality between the webber and napolian on both higher end ones not Walmart crap and there was a diff has anyone had a prestige napolian that was crap ? I know it comes with a 10 year warranty and 15 on the grills at least that is what napolian told me. Can anyone tell me if they owned one

    • Colin says:

      There are some people on this site that have had a bad experience with the Prestige model. But not many. Mostly the problems are with the ones made in China. But you might want to read through.

  66. bbq4ever says:

    Hello there, thanks everyone for their advice. This blog, along with the Q&A discussion gave me the confidence to purchase the Napoleon Prestige RSIB 500 Pro. I am loving it so far – but just one question for other owners out there: Which extension cord did you use to give power to the power supply? You plug in the Rotisserie (sp?) and of course the power for the lights and rear + side infrared burnesr into the power supply – but then the power supply has a socket for the source of the power (which you connect a cable that goes to the wall outlet.) I’ve tried many extension cords but nothing really fits (the socket is a standard NEMA 5-15P – Male) – so you need to plug in a cord that has 5-15R (female) end.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The only other solution I see is just buying an outdoor extension cord that has 3 outlets – probably the easiest. Not sure why Napoleon would give such a power supply and not provide a nice power cable for it. Any thoughts out there? thanks

  67. Brian says:

    I can’t comment on Webber but I CAN SAY NSPOLESON IS GARBAGE!
    I bought a second one years after for my cottage. Sales guy told me they were MUCH IMPROVED!
    I think Napoleon pays their dealers to sell them. To lie basically. What carp they are. Infrared breaks every year now my new one they tell me needs new manifold!
    WhT crap and it must be made in China
    Ripped off the last time

  68. Mike G says:

    During the search for a new grill i came across this very helpful thread and read through it.
    There is lots of excellent information here.

    A couple of days ago i bought a used Napoleon Lex730 grill that was only six months old and kept under a cover and it already showed signs of rust in some places.

    It seems the lid and control panel are good quality 304 stainless but the rest is all 430 stainless which will rust very quickly if not protected.

    This grill retails for $1600 and uses the same cheap Chinese or quality steel the $200 grills use.

    Let the buyer beware! Just because it’s expensive doesn’t make it good quality!

    I bought the grill used anyway because it will lay with proper care. Which is treating every surface with an oil to prevent rust. Much like treating a cast iron pan with oil to “season” it. Spray cooking oil over every steel surface, warm the grill for ten minutes on low. Repeat this two or three times initially and at least once annually. This will prevent rust. On the outside, wipe it down with a stainless cleaner/protectant.

    By the way i also came across a used Prestige model where the drip pan was actually crumbling and completely rusted through. So it’s not just the Chinese Lex models.

  69. Ricky says:

    My P500risb from 2014 is still prefect. I guess thier Canadian product is better. Too bad Weber just moved all the new models to China. Weber Genesis will stop being made in the USA this next month…. I guess we will see what happens….

    • Anony Mous says:

      All the open cart versions of the Genesis II have been moved to China, but all the closed cart versions will remain manufactured in the US. You will just have to pay an additional 300$ or so for the same thing you would have gotten from the original Genesis line, which is now being discontinued.

  70. Heli-fun says:

    Hallo everyone.
    Thanks for this interestingThread.
    Especially the different quality standard between the upper and lower series from Napoleon were very important for me and my decision process.
    I’m in between a Broil King Regal 490 Pro and since today a Napoleon Prestige P 500 RSIBPSS. The price difference here in Germany is 300€ (1699,- vs 1999,-).
    For the Napoleon the dealer told me today that the Prestige is using Alu cast housing (better for keeping the heat????) and V4A stainless quality compared to V2A stainless quality on housing and all other parts in lower series.
    Also in the katalog it is only on prestige series shown a label ‘produced in Canada’. On the other series not.
    This confirmes the above statements about the different quality levels for Napoleon.

    Can someone tell me any comparison to the Broil King as the price difference is significant and it has more build in features like the motor driven rotisserie kit. I red above only one comment on Broil King. Is the quality comparable to Napoleon prestige series or lower? Does anyone know about problems on Broil King Regal series?

    Thanks Andreas

    • Gilles says:

      The biggest issue I’ve had with my Broil King is the Rottisserie burner rusting out prematurely at the connection point (spring) but I noticed they have changed their lids and how they open and the rottiserie burner is more covered. May help. When I get my new broil king I will look into a high heat rust inhibitor I can spray on the joint. (something that won’t poison my food of course) 😉

  71. Gilles says:

    I have had a Broil King (NG unit) for close to 10 years now and never cover it and BBQ in all 4 seasons. The stainless steel burners are fantastic on the unit. Mine still look really good and clean. I did go away early on from the cast iron grates (rusted out) and spent the money on custom 10mm stainless steel rod grates. I have to say from year 7 to now is when I noticed alot of the age showing, corrosion, warping taking hold so I am due for a new unit. My initial research had me looking at a new Broil King then I was sold on the Napoleon Prestige series, I decided to postpone my purchase for another year and now just found this site. Looks like I will be sticking with my North American made Broil King. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  72. Reg MacD says:

    Complete Garbage

    Bought the Napoleon Mirage 730RSIB Series 1and it literally did not stand up two seasons of grilling. The first season fine second season the nobs were all seized and tubes and manifold rotting. On the third season the drip tray rotted out the Premium Stainless Steel started rusting all over the barbecue. This barbecue has been serviced, cleaned, polished and covered every year. Imagine the drip tray cost $332.88 I can buy a brand new barbecue for less than that and by the looks of what I experience will probably last a lot longer than the $2200.00 dollars I paid after taxes. I don’t recommend anyone to by a Napoleon Product if you’re wise “stay clear”!!! I had a Char Broil I bought in 2000 and I gave it away in 2014 after buying the bigger barbecue and the barbecue was like the day I bought it and never ever replaced a part. What they are making today looks good to the buyer but its not and continuous issues and embarrassing to my clients, friends and family when having a barbecue. Well one thing for sure they get the full story from me and I’ll guarantee they won’t be buying a Napoleon product by Wolf Steel Limited out of Barrie Ontario.

  73. Reg MacD says:

    Complete Garbage

    Bought the Napoleon Mirage 730RSIB Series 1and it literally did not stand up two seasons of grilling. The first season fine second season the nobs were all seized and tubes and manifold rotting. On the third season the drip tray rotted out the Premium Stainless Steel started rusting all over the barbecue. This barbecue has been serviced, cleaned, polished and covered every year. Imagine the drip tray cost $332.88 I can buy a brand new barbecue for less than that and by the looks of what I experience will probably last a lot longer than the $2200.00 dollars I paid after taxes. I don’t recommend anyone to buy a Napoleon Product if you’re wise “stay clear”!!! I had a Char Broil I bought in 2000 and I gave it away in 2014 after buying the bigger barbecue and the barbecue was like the day I bought it and never ever replaced a part. What they are making today looks good to the buyer but its not and continuous issues and embarrassing to my clients, friends and family when having a barbecue. Well one thing for sure they get the full story from me and I’ll guarantee they won’t be buying a Napoleon product by Wolf Steel Limited out of Barrie Ontario.

    • Sean says:


      The product you bought was not made Barrie Ontario. You bought a made in China grill. The prestige and pro series grills are Canadian made. Being in the industry I can tell you that the made in Canada Napoleons are the best grills you can buy in their price points for quality, features and warranty.

      • Colin says:

        I’m aware of where the grill was made. That has been discussed at length. And while you may be in the industry many people have a difference of opinion on what the best grills are based on personal experience and person preference.

  74. PeterFerguson says:

    Read as many as I could before I had to put my 2 cents in. Have my 2nd Prestige ,it’s great! The first one went 15 years virtually trouble free. My daughter inherited this one and is still using it. Yes we BBQ all the time including winter. Both mine Canadian built so I guess different. Did a lot of comparisons but found weber and Napoleon fairly equal. My old Napoleon was seldom covered and looked pretty good when turned over to my daughter. The electronic ignition wasn’t working , the rear burner could stand replacement but overall pretty darn good. I cleaned twice per season and wiped hood regularly. I guess I’ll have to see how the new one does but fit finish and feel are every bit as good as the first. So far great cooking results! Peter

  75. Mo says:

    I’m looking to buy a new BBQ & I see it’s an investment. However, it depends on the lifestyle. If you have a group or a family that loves the BBQ, I believe a quality BBQ will help making things lovely. Any recommendations or bad points about PRO665RSIB? Where to buy it around GTA to get a decent sale or discount?
    I don’t think Weber can’t be at the same quality for the shipping and freight expenses. Appreciate your advise.

  76. Brendon says:

    I have owned a Napoleon and have had a Weber. Both brands have cheap Chinese options and both brands have their true BBQ options that are made in the states (Weber) or Canada (Napoleon). I sell both and a variety of other brands. If you want the best it’s Lynx, DCS, or Twin Eagles. Napoleon > Weber if you venture down that route. Never buy Chinese products in general. Tasco Appliances or Goemans is the place to get a good deal on a BBQ or any other appliances needs.

  77. deborah nixon says:

    I stumbled on this site as I was researching Weber vs Napoleon. My friend’s husband swore by Napoleon because it’s made in Canada- but now I think I won’t consider. I had a cheap junky barbecue for 15 year that died last summer. I am very no frills. I never cleaned that bbq, never took it apart, never oiled a darn thing. Never covered it during our harsh winters. The ignition went years ago but who cares? I just lit with a lighter. So you see I don’t need a lot. It looked awful- rusted lid but it was heavy. I just didn’t care.

    Spending $1500 makes me breathless. That is a huge amount of money. Like some others, I want no frills. I just want 2 burners that work, good heat, and a solid lid. That’s it. Don’t want a single accessory. I was looking at second hand barbecues because they are so pricey and I can’t justify the money. But now I will have to look at that option carefully. I guess if I take the magnet, look at the sticker to see if it’s all made in Canada.

    So grateful for this site. I learned so much- never heard of the magnet thing. Knew nothing of steel thickness and differences in steel. this is fantastic. I know Waltek- it’s around the corner from my house. I’ll check them out.

  78. clee hammack says:

    All I got to say is wow! You have to spend over $1k to find a grill of good quality. How is it I can buy a stainless steel american made range for under $1000 that lasts me forever with minor repairs. But an outdoor grill that may last 10 years over $1000. Makes no sense but what can you do? We need american made quality that is quality but 4x more than a Chinese made?

  79. NonMoron says:

    I just bought a Weber Summit 470 series for $3,000. I went to another BBQ store today and found out the same product from Nepolean Prestige Pro absolutely destroys my Weber grill. Only the grill is 304 stainless. The rest is 430 stainless, a much cheaper metal that rusts much faster. Nepolean uses 304 on everything – it’s got a great sear station, and a smoker that’s much more sensibly positioned allowing for more grill space. I asked the guy what he sold more of. He sold 1 Weber to over 30 Nepolean in the same period.

    Bottom line, the low end line of Nepolean has damaged the brand no question based on what I’ve read here. But on the high end, Weber really shit the bed by comparison.

  80. Kathy says:

    Thank you for this site. I have a deposit on last year’s Rogue 425. The salesman says he’s giving me deal for 900. No tax-no delivery-fully assembled. After reading all these posts my main concern is where it’s made. Sales guy says it is made in Canada. But according to this site it seems that only the prestige line is. Made in Canada.
    Anybody know anything about the Rogue 425. It’s the SS 3 burner with the side infra red burner.

    • David says:

      There are Rogues that are made in Canada. I recently inquired at Goemans while looking at the Napoleon lineup. The salesman said that similar to the Webers where some models of the same line are made in the US and in China, the Rogues are also made in two countries.

  81. Kathy says:

    Add on: Don’t know where this is made because it is boxed and in his warehouse. He claims it is made in Canada

  82. Adam T says:

    Very good info I almost got suckered into a 1000 napoleons crappy tire Chinese special. Anyone have any experience with broil master? Sounds like prestige and prestige pro may be my other options.
    Thanks Again

    • Adam T says:

      I want to thank Colin as well as everyone who posted here with info.
      I just pulled the trigger on a Napolean Prestige P500 RSIB-B NG. I was looking at the higher end Legend at Canadian Tire for about $1000. After all the reading and education and understanding Chinese vs Canadian made and 304 stainless steel, it made my decision much easier.
      Spend the extra $500 for a grill that will be around for the long haul with a superior warranty.
      Deal with an independent dealer rather than a big box store so they go to bat for you against any issues you may have with manufacturer about the warranty.
      Retail price was $1549 plus tax however instead of a free gift they gave me 10% off or $155 off.
      I am very excited to get it and report back

      Thanks Again

  83. john van says:

    we purchased a Napoleon Legend natural gas BBQ in April 2015 for just over $600 from Canadian Tire. within the first week the Temp Gauge broke.
    At the end of the first summer i noticed some “staining” on the top of the BBQ. at that time i told my wife that i thought this was a piece of junk. But even the gentleman that installed our natural gas line said that Napoleon is a great bbq.
    Well last week the entire drip pan just fell apart.
    My wife contacted customer service in Barrie and after being on hold for a an extended period of time she mentioned what had happened. The customer service rep was sympathetic to our plight and even mentioned that he could not believe that would happen in just under two years. long story short, we were told to take pictures of which we did. Within minutes of receiving our pictures of the drip tray the customer rep stated that a technician had decided that we were to blame for not cleaning the drip tray and the warranty had finished after one year. He quickly closed my wife to order the replacement part and give our credit card number. All of this took 64 minutes. DO NOT BUY this product, i have no idea how good the Canadian product is but the China verison is a rustbucket.

  84. John says:

    We just purchased a Napoleon Rogue SB which we understood was made in Canada according to the store and Napoleon customer service rep. It t is only the Rogue 425 SIB (infra-red side burner model) which is made (assembled?) in Barrie. As expected, we are told all the specs are the same regardless of where the Rogue models are made. We are thinking of returning/ upgrading this BBQ. This is a new model , but does anyone have any thoughts on what we should do?

  85. Bob says:

    In May 1997 we purchased a Napoleon Lifestyle Model 450, 40,000 BTU’s, Porcelain Enamel Roll Top Hood, two side shelves, wooden shelves and hood handle. We are still using it but the burners (not original) need replacing and the various parts on the assembly is deteriorating, really not worth replacing parts. We paid $800 Canadian for it including a Napoleon cover. So we are looking for a new BBQ, either Napoleon or Weber, but by the sounds of comments on your great site, the quality we enjoyed on our Napoleon doesn’t existing in the newer units.
    If you tell me your email address I will send a photo of what our Bbq looked like new and today. Although we have a cover, it has often sat out in the rain. It has a welded frame construction. Wish we could just replace the fire box and grill.

  86. Randy (James) Stewart says:

    I have a 1985 Weber Genesis (red) paid over $700.00 for it and I use it 300 days a year. I I have never covered it, the burners are original and I clean out the holes with a drill bit once a year. The grills are cast and have been replace once about 20 years ago, they are sprayed with oil very time I use it. It still looks almost new. I have been looking at Barbecues over the last couple of months just because they have come along way in 30 yrs. my burners go from front to back and most of the new barbecues go side to side and make it easier to convection cooking. I have realized that when you purchase a new one you should go to a Dealer and and not a big box store. You get what you pay for and there are a lot of inferior products out there with Weber and Napoleon names. yesterday I was in dealer in Whitby Ontario and found that they carry Saber Barbecues, they like a great product I will research it before I make a decision.

  87. Mary says:

    Hello everyone, I stumbled on this blog looking for information on Napoleon vs Weber. I’m replacing a crappy grill and I’m looking to spend a maximum of 1300 USD.
    I live in the US and I was about to purchase a Napoleon Rogue 425 SS model for 900USD the similar to this unit is Weber Genesis II LX S340 and costs 1299 USD. Its a significant difference so I would appreciate any input.
    I’m not a grill master by any means but I had it with crappy grills and want something that will grill quality food and look good as well. I definitely don’t want something that will rust quickly and purchasing something that’s made in China makes me sick to my stomach. I would pay extra to purchase something that’s made in the US or Canada.

  88. Jane Hartog says:

    I find myself wanting a new grill, and was intrigued by some of the features on a Napoleon. But I’m glad I found this forum. I have a Weber Spirit e-310 that is at least 15 years old. No rust at all– some spotting and staining on the outside of the hood, but that’s it. It unfortunately was blown off my deck and down some stairs in a wind storm which broke one side of the hood. It also seems to have affected the burners. But it’s been a good grill and I’m definitely going to replace it with another Weber – probably the genesis e-310.

  89. Adam F says:

    Hi all,

    On Saturday I purchased a Napoleon Rogue 425 (non stainless) and have been in touch with Napoleon UK today regarding registering the grill.

    To my dismay the 425 and 425SB are manufactured in China, the 425SIB (stainless) being manufactured in Canada. I paid £539.99 for it and it came with a free cover. The stainless model is out my budget at £809.99.

    I’m a little frustrated as I called in advance to two different stockists and was advised that all Rogues are made in Canada. It’s currently in my garage awaiting construction. After reading all the above comments, I’m not sure I want it any longer. The Rogue is an upgrade from my Weber Q2200 which has been faultless (although it has far fewer components to worry about).

    Bearing in mind that the Q2200 is manufactured in China, am I worrying unnecessarily about the Rogue? I mean, a warranty is a warranty, so if it’s broke they have to fix it (within reason and their T&C’s of course).

    • Colin says:

      I don’t know much about the Rogue unit. However, I think it’s good that you didn’t get the stainless, as I found it to be a lot more upkeep. I’ll open the floor on this one to see what experiences other people have had. And check what exactingly your warranty is. Especially on the Infrared Side Burner.

    • Mary says:

      I would take it back and get the Rogue 425 SIB all stainless. For a few more dollars you get something much better at least that’s what I did.

  90. Mary says:

    Hello all,

    So after contacting Napoleon and checking with them I found out that the new Napoleon Rogue 425 SIB all stainless steel is manufactured in Canada with Canadian steel.
    I decided to order it but have not received it yet.
    I would like to say that the representative did acknowledge that they did have problems with the Chinese steel a few years back but they have since purchased their own plant overseas and the quality has improved according to them.
    I’m taking a chance on this one since from my research the similar Weber is also made in China and doesn’t offer the infrared technology.

  91. G says:

    I think you need to mention which models of Weber and Napoleon you and your buddy both had – at the top of your article. Its an unfair compairison between both grills if one was high end&high cost and the other was Canadian Tire purchase.
    However, its a good warning the badge name isn’t everything.

    • Colin says:

      That’s a fair point, however while I don’t know the model of the Weber I do know that he did actually buy it at Canadian Tire.

  92. VK says:

    I always wanted a Weber and decided to get an S-330 with a sear zone, but Weber out of its wisdom decided to discontinue the model and eliminate the sear zone from the genesis line up. To get a US made Weber you have to spend $1299 – 3 burners and that’s about it. Want a sear burner Summit 470 at nearly 2K and still not ceramic IR
    I found a dealer that carries both Weber and Napoleon. Side by side the Weber looks better made than the Napoleon but even the $1299 LX has no features and the non LX is stripped down and made in China.
    Rouge 425 SS made in Canada well-made but small. For $899 you still get 3 burners and an outside IR ceramic burner. I found it too small but my last grill was 900 sq inches.
    Lex looked nice till you look closely – the body was sheet rather than cast aluminum, the heat plates thin and reminded me of the plates in my old grill that caused uneven heating which would have been horrible if not for the nearly 900 sq inches that always let me find a good spot.
    Prestige 500 looked like a bigger rogue but slightly better built. 4 burners plus my must have IR ceramic burner and a full Rotisserie setup with IR and all for $1399
    Prestige pro upgrade prestige but the price put it in Weber Summit 470 space and I think I would go with the Weber.
    I took a gamble with a Chinese made monster 15 years ago and it gave me the tools to become a grill master. I am taking a gamble on the Prestige 500 hope it lasts, I wanted a Weber but at $1299 with no sear zone and no frill it doesn’t cut it. The Weber was once a Toyota – did everything well and didn’t cost a fortune, now it’s a Lexus, I’ll take the BMW not that reliable but fun to drive – waiting for my Prestige 500 to be delivered.

  93. John Kochen says:

    I saw the Napoleon as a product placement on a cookery show. I was looking at Webers initially but decided to look up the Napoleons as well. This is the only place where I have found really pertinent information so thank you for that. The Napoleons are an official no-go from now on.
    I was also surprised to read that the Spirit line from Weber is Chinese. I thought it was just an discontinued product line being sold at lower prices to empty the stockrooms.
    I guess that was not the real reason for the lower prices compared to the Genesis.
    Having said that, I am surprised at the difference in price between the E310 black and the same model in grey.

  94. Robert Warner says:

    HELP. After reading these many, many comments I am somewhat confused. I am giving my present grill to my son and am looking at the Napoleon Rogue R425SIB and Weber Genesis II E310. Both are priced around $700 -$900. While I know that the Weber is made in China, I am no longer sure where the Rogue is made, China or Canada based on the many comments. The salesman said Canada but I am not sure I trust him. In addition, I BBQ 3 to 4 nights a week, 52 weeks per year, and do not want to have to clean it on a regular basis. Yearly is OK.

    Based on this, what is the recommendation as to a grill? I expect the grill to last at least 10 years as it is kept covered and out of the elements. Price is not the deciding factor here between the two grills. Quality is. Your assistance on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

    • Colin says:

      From what I’ve read I believe the Rogue is made in Canada. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend stainless. It’s pretty but harder to maintain.

  95. Dave_Barrie says:

    I visited the Napoleon showroom in Barrie this morning, and was approached by a salesman. He told me that the Prestige and Prestige Pro were the only BBQs made in Barrie. He showed me the Prestige Pro500 at $2500, and the Prestige P500 at $1500. He also gave me a 4-page brochure, which I’m looking at now. The Prestige and Prestige Pro models have a “Proudly Made in Canada” icon. The LEX does not, nor does the Rogue
    I found it significant that none of the many BBQs on display had a price sticker. WTF?
    I may buy the Prestige P500RSIB-1, but I hate to spend that kind of money on a BBQ.
    Ah! What to do?

  96. Dave_Barrie says:

    On the other hand, after more research I discovered this site:

    where the Prestige Pro 500 is $2200 plus free shipping.
    I’ve emailed them about time lines.
    Strange, isn’t it, that I would be complaining about having to pay $1000 for a BBQ, and then settling for a $1500 one, and then seeing what I really want, priced at $2500, available at another store for ‘only’ $2200?
    We’re suckers, Folks.
    Anyway, if the bbqsand grills can deliver in a short time, I’ll go with them.
    If not, I’ll present my Napoleon salesman with a printout of the screenshot, and see what he has to say.
    I’m just fighting to save money.
    I’m a good guy!

  97. Dave says:

    As with anything that you own: bbq, car, bike, tools….you have to clean and maintain the items. Stop your complaining about Napoleon being no good. I have had one for 7 years now and always clean it no matter how much i use it and it looks almost as good as it did 7 years ago. A little cleaning now and then does not hurt you for those complaining i guess that means you want a grill that cleans and maintains itself?
    As for Weber, i would assume the same.
    So all stop your whinning, clean your damn grills properly and you will see how much longer they last.

    • Colin says:

      Obviously, you didn’t read anything that was written but just really wanted a chance to show your ignorance and be insulting. I figure, in your mind, it gives you some sort of feeling of superiority. As totally useless as your comment is to anyone, I figure that it made you feel better to write it and you might be irritated if I don’t display it. And I reckon you need any little bit of joy you can muster in your life, and haven’t learned the difference between good attention and bad. So, I give you this. Thanks for coming out.

  98. Neill says:

    Currently trying to make the same decision as most here…Weber Genesis II or Napoleon Prestige 500. Similar prices, one made China, the other in Canada. Broil King Regal 590 is my backup. I saw the Prestige in person yesterday, and it looks very well made. The place I visited didn’t have the LEX, salesmen said they won’t carry them as they are cheap Chinese made grills now and very problematic…but that the Prestige is a real nice grill. They also don’t carry the Spirit. He stated the Genesis II even though made in China is still a solid grill. If I could find a lightly used Genesis from a couple years ago for sale, I’d jump on it… But part of me wants something a little different…and that Prestige looked very nice….everyone has a Weber.

    Decisions, decisions.

    • Colin says:

      At least salesmen are admitting that even though the Chinese model carry the Napoleon name they aren’t up to standard. Do both grills that you’re looking at have the same feature, like a searing area or rotisserie?

      • Neill says:

        Agreed. He did say the Rogue is a good grill…must have been referring to whichever model of that is made in Canada. But they don’t carry it, and I want a 4 burner at a minimum.

        There are models that do have both the rotisserie and sear burner, but I’m really not interested in them if they come at a premium. I don’t have either and when I have been places that have the the side burner, never really used it anyhow. I’ve been polling and asking for recommendations from chefs, grill masters, etc., and it seems like the Weber Genesis (everyone has prior year models…) and the Napoleon Prestige are solid.

        I haven’t read evey single comment on here, but from what I did, seems the Prestige gets high marks from most, and is as solid as the prior years Genesis. The new Genesis II I’m a little hesitant with the China issue…so leaning Prestige 500.

        • Colin says:

          It’s good that you know what you use and don’t, the bells and whistles can suck you in. Personally, I would occasionally use the rotisserie but I did enjoy a seared steak or burgers often. I haven’t heard many negative comments about the Prestige. It’s mainly the Chinese models with the Napoleon that people are having issues with. Whatever you decide I hope you’re happy with it and you get some good grilling days this summer!

          • Neill says:

            Thanks. I agree as well. I want a tank that will last…from either the USA or Canada.

  99. Tom Sellgren says:

    I purchased a Napoleon, 3 burner (left,right, rear) natural gas BBQ in 1999 (model P308RB). Now, 18 years later I have finally decommissioned it due to rust holes in the rear main body. The bright green BBQ hood still looks fanatastic and the BBQ still cooks a mean steak. I never quite figured out how to repair the starter or clean the Corian side shelves. We live on the west coast near the Ocean and have kept the BBQ on our outside deck under a roof and protected by an insulated BBQ cover. It is just time for a new BBQ. I have ordered a new Napolean 2 burner unit. I wanted a smaller BBQ to fit better on the deck. I’m not convinced it matters where it was made. As far as I’m concerned, manufactured items from Canada, USA or China can just as easily be terrible or of high quality. We’ll see.

    • Colin says:

      I hope it works out. From my experience and the comments I’ve read here and elsewhere online, the quality of the Canadian made is higher. When I purchased the BBQ I didn’t think there’d be much a a difference either and was told as much by Napoleon. But not everyone has the same experience and I wish you the best with your grill. Happy grilling!

  100. Sv says:

    We picked up a Napoleon legend off a curb… My husband was so excited… Then we got it home and looked inside. It’s five years old rusted out entirely inside… The thing at the back that holds the burners fell apart and one of the burners is broken as well. But you know, it looks pretty on the outside!
    He decided to buy replacement parts from Amazon (claimed to be proper parts but turned out to be from China). This included 4 burners for $100 and the back piece.
    I suggested we go to the local Napoleon dealer and see if we could order real parts and find out if this hunk of junk was worth saving.
    The dealer said what you did about the chinese steel and also that their customer service is pretty lousy and they’ll give you the runaround on the warranty. She they keep you on hold for hours (even dealers!) and said the best they would do was give 50% off the parts IF they decided it was under warranty. The warranty for the parts in question, according to the manual is two years! My goodness. And here he was so excited to find a “$1000” BBQ.

    If we bother replacing the parts (either free, 50% or with the amazon 3rd party parts) is the BBQ worth saving? What if the parts we buy or receive from Napoleon are just more Chinese junk?
    Maybe the parts are interchangeable with the Canadian made ones and we can buy those instead…but I bet they are $$$$$.
    Or…. Should we just leave this rust bucket on the curb and be content with out $350 Costco Nex grill? (Husband’s problem with it is that he says it cooks unevenly)

    • Sv says:

      To update…. Napoleon sent us replacement burners (all) and the back brackets. Had to pay $15 for freight. The new parts are different quality. Installed them. Works beautiful now.

  101. Marty says:

    I have both a Napoleon Prestige 750 (use it in spring/summer/fall) and a Weber Genesis S320 (use it in winter as my winter beater).
    The construction quality and durability of the Weber is much better than that of the Napoleon.
    Napoleon sear plates are a thinner gauge than Weber Flavorizer Bars.
    Napoleon grease tray (below the burners) is a thinner gauge than the Weber equivalent.
    Napoleon suspends their cooking grate/grills on a piece of thin gauge steel angle iron that is spot welded to the rear of the cooking chamber. After a few years the spot welds fail and the angle iron sags and falls. Napoleon sell a retrofit kit of a new piece of L bracket with pre-drilled holes and instructions to drill holes in the rear of the cooking chamber and use stainless steel stove bolts/nuts/washers to secure the bracket.

    Napoleon silk screen the labels that indicate burner settings and after a few years and repeated cleanings (not using harsh chemicals) the silk screening wears off. Napoleon sell a basic “sticker” retrofit kit.

    The only thing that has failed on my Weber S320 is the igniter.

    If I was buying a new BBQ – I’d be looking at one of the lower end Weber Summit models (since Genesis line production has been moved to China).

  102. Jeff says:

    I have just installed a BI-Lex 730 in a new cabinet on my deck.

    I have used it maybe 4 or 6 times and have been really surprised by the drip tray below catching fire. I have come out after just a minute or two to a four foot flame when I open the lid. I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue? It happened on the second use of the grill. I cleaned it immediately. It caught fire again the 5th time a few days later. I am getting nervous about cooking with the lid down again.

    I am fairly happy with the quality of the unit. It lights well, gets hot quickly, heavy gauge stainless but am not too comfortable with its performance as of yet.

    I purchased unit from Wayfair for $1500 and am now under the impression it is a made in China unit.

  103. Maggie says:

    I currently own a Napoleon that I bought at a Fireplace dealer…..which means it was manufactured in Canada (Barrie) I can honestly say that I have NEVER even cleaned out this BBQ in ANY way except for scraping the burned stuff from the last BBQ…..the last couple of winters it has been stored uncovered OUTSIDE….it is currently 13 years old…..NO RUST and works like a charm, I plan on buying Napoleon again! But who knows when I will have to.

  104. Cody Levinson says:


    I want to send you a big, “Thank You” for taking the time to educate consumers about
    the issues that you; and many others have had with their Napoleon Grills. I was VERY
    close to pulling the trigger on a Napoleon LEX485RSIB at my local Canadian Tire. They have one on clearance right now at my local store for $935. When I went in to pick it up, I noticed a Napoleon Legend485RSIB for $1150. It looked better built than the LEX and I decided that I should go home and do some more research.

    I realized that BBQ Galore carries a Prestige Line and after a little digging, I found your site. Am I ever glad that I did! All I have heard about Napoleon is that they are Canadian made and they are: “Right up there with Weber”. I am let down by this as “Made In Canada” is not something we see very often so I was all set to do my part to support a Canadian Company. What I will not do, is support a Canadian Company that does not stand behind its product; especially when it has been an ongoing issue and they have done nothing to correct it.

    It is too bad that so many people lost so much money and learned their lesson the hard way. If it is any consolation, they will not be seeing any of my money. I am sure that there are many people who have read your Blog and have also spent their money elsewhere.

    Btw, Anything over $1000 for a BBQ is most certainly NOT cheap as someone else mentioned. A person can buy a decent indoor stove/oven for that much, and a grill is quite basic compared to one of those.

    Take care,
    Cody Levinson.

  105. Bruce says:

    Great posts and informative. Just moved my 10 year old Weber Genny to my vacation place and inherited a 14 year old Napoleon 450. My Weber looks and cooks like it just rolled out of the showroom and the Napoleon needed some TLC but cleaned up far better then expected.
    What I come to understand from my dealings is unless you are willing to spend the time to research and then the $$$, you will end up with subpar equipment. Remember that made in Canada or the USA doesn’t mean components aren’t made in China. It really only means….ITS ASSEMBLE IN CANADA OR USA. Content laws dictate the real truth.
    Currently shopping for and comparing Napoleon PRO500 vs Broil King Imperial 590 vs Weber Summit 470. I know each one of these units have china components but would love to hear any feedback on any of these units.

  106. Bob says:

    I Have an old Prestige. The aluminum bottom “rusted” out and was not covered by warranty. However, the problem was not “rusting” but “galvanic action”. There was a steel screw holding a metal igniter to the aluminum frame. Add salty fat dripping from steak and you get galvanic action. It took a while talking to various people at Napoleon, but in the end they agreed that it was not “rust” and they replaced it. Some of the people’s problems may actually be similar to my experience, but engineers designing these things should know better.

    Unless you buy the top of the line Prestige Pro, you get what you pay for. But then again, they may have issues as well like I experienced.

  107. Roger says:

    I have to say I am most disheartened reading this chain if comments. I am in the market for a new grill and was leaning towards the Napoleon Legend RSIB at Canadian Tire… until now. By way of background, I am replacing a Charmglow purchased at Home Depot in 2005 for $248. 100% stainless steel and made in the US this workhorse served well for 12 years – year round in the harshest of east coast Canadian climes totally exposed 100% of the time. Sadly it is no longer available in Canada and replacing the control valves will cost more than the original.

    So now I guess I am looking at Weber, based on the thoughtfulness and quality of the majority of comments before me. But my concern is this: I am totally reliant on a box store purchase in my area. Are any of the Weber models available at a store like Home Depot made on this continent?

  108. Glenn says:

    Over the past week I have been trying to make a very tough decision between the Napoleon LEX 485 and the Weber Genesis II E-410. Both were priced equally at $1199. I finally decided on the Weber. I am replacing a Uniflame stainless/steel BBQ that I’ve had for 9 years. The Weber should be delivered today or tomorrow from the local Home Hardware store. I will post my thoughts on the decision once I have used it a few times and post updates in the future. I choosed the Weber over the Naploeon because it was a little larger and this thread seemed to lean more towards the Weber brand. Well and of course the wife likes the red color…. 😜 But I did like the fact that the Napoleon came with a rotesserie burner and a side burner. I guess now my decesion is made and time will tell if it was a good one or not.

    • john says:

      Hi Glen.. OMG that is too funny . I am in the same boat. I decided on the NApoleon from COSTCO because of the rotesserie burner and the side burner.

      I really wanted the WEBER as it is much larger and probably cooks better but i wanted to give NAPOLEon a chance since it comes from COSTCo and i can return it at any time should i feel dissappointed. Will keep you posted.

      john andrews

  109. Brad King says:

    I had a weber that I bought in Calgary in 1996, moved to Australia in 1999 and took it with us, back to Canada, London Ont 2003 and since it was propane thought I would upgrade to a Napoleon Pro500 for $1700 and Nat gas instead of propane in 2012, now 5 years later it is a rusted piece of crap, the base, igniters and any place than can rust have, the dealer , not a big box store tried to help to no avail. This will be my last Napoleon, Canadian made by the way and will switch back to Weber , cant say just how disappointed I am. Oh and I sold the used Weber that was 16 years old for $200 bucks in my garage sale.


  110. john says:

    Hi Colin
    First of all thank you for starting this discussion. Secondly i have been researching barbecues and have narrowed it down to the weber genesis 2 E model and the napoleon sold at COSTCO . Both carry the same warranty and BOTH are MADE in China. I decided to buy the Napoleon only because it comes from Costco and if by chance i experience any disappointment, i can and will return it and buy the weber.

  111. Robert Parsons says:

    I’m in the market for a new grill and I’m glad I came across this page(almost bought a Napoleon lex from Canadian tire for $1200). I was wondering if the Napoleon prestige p500rsib with the 304 stainless be worth the $1500 price tag or should I keep searching for something better? I will be grilling in the winter so that needs to be considered I guess. I don’t want to spend all this money and end up with a rust box a few years down the road. Thanks

  112. Dave Bour says:

    I fall into the disappointed with Napolean. First one lasted 11 years. At 5 yrs now and looking for Weber or something else. Went Napolean again thinking was going to be the same. Talk about mistake. Everywhere rusting. Bolts on lid rusted out such that lid fell off this time. Burners shot. Ignitor gone before end of first year. Yes, got another on warranty and it lasted nearly to the following spring. PITA to change.
    Don’t know what happened but not the same company it was before

  113. DaveK says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t come across this site before I bought the BBQ for our ‘outdoor’ (undercover) entertainment area which would have saved me a HEAP of angst.
    See I live in Australia, Western Australia to be precise & having seen the Napoloen BBQ shows on cable (Born To Grill I think it was…) in Asia I figured I’d get one when we finally built our home.
    I giggle at the prices you guys quote as the built-in NG 605LEX I purchased was AUS$2499. Yep, $2500 smackeroonies.

    From day 1 there were issues. As the ONLY place you can get parts is from the agent 5000kms away on the other side of the country it’s been a pain. A long drawn out one at that as WA also stands for ‘Wait Awhile’ & nothing could prepare you for the total lack of customer care that exists in Australia.
    Replaced the entire control panoply as it simply did not work – either ignition or flame & we WON’T go into the ‘light first time’ bollocks either!
    Regulator failed so simply wasn’t delivering sufficient gas – not that that proved to be such a gain as the thing just doesn’t get hot even with the correct pressure at full load.

    It took so long to get parts, get the gas line checked, regulator installed tested & verified & for winter to pass that the unit is now out of warranty.
    In a fit of pique I fired it up in it’s first real test of actual cooking ability 3 days ago. What a waste of time.
    It took forever to get sausages to cook & if you believed the ‘light first time’ gag then the sizzle zone will leave you in stitches! You couldn’t get this thing to sizzle if your life depended on it unless you have a butane torch on the side. You will end up broiling anything you put on that area but at least it gets cooked. Eventually.

    Heat dissipation is a joke with totally uneven temperature areas. And, like many others, the staining on the stainless has to be seen to be believed. Mind you the ease the stainless rusts should be a dead giveaway too.

    If form over function is your gig then get a Napoleon. It is to BBQ’ing what trapdoors are to canoes – mutually exclusive.
    If you want to BBQ like a Boss then get a Beef Eater (well, here in Aus anyway)

    I’m stuck with this POS as it’s what determined the SS bench that got built around it; that is until I can find one that will fit the space then this is going to landfill.

  114. Joe says:

    I’ve owned a Napolean Pro 500 series grill for several months now. The build and fit and finish are incredible. More importantly, the ability to sear steaks at 1800 degrees with the side ceramic burner and subsequently get highest standard steak house quality results is incredible. You are clearly a flakey individual. You purchased a low cost chinese grade model and set up a web site to nag and complain about it with those who state good points. You go so far as to claim that those who disagree with your vapid views are somehow associated with the company Napoleon. Rest assured, I am just a dude who is keeping it real. And you my friend are quite pathetic.

    • Colin says:

      Well to most working class people more than a thousand dollars is a lot of money. Good to know you have it to through way. But since that is the case, keeping it real is not something you’re good at. And feeling the need to insult someone who posts about problems with their bbq, a thread which many have commented on how appreciative they are, well, I’m sure Napoleon appreciates your loyalty. And thank you for confirming that you believe their Chinese models are of very low standard and no one should throw their money away on them. Very much appreciated. You didn’t need to arsehole while agreeing with me, but I suppose some people are just like that.

  115. Paul says:

    Love this thread, find the information very helpful , as a former owner of a Vermont Castings grill for over 13 years,, the grill was still in excellent shape, built like a tank (IMO), no rust, other than the burners/grates etc,, we’re unsusble anymore , parts were hard to find and expensive when i did,, I currently use a Webber kettle and love it but also want the flexability of a gas grill. So I am ready to upgrade. I’m a believer ya get what ya pay for ( for the most part) so I’m torn between a Webber summit and Napoleon pro,, I see all the comments on rust issues with the Chinese made products (which I understand) and people posting not to buy from big box stores,, but here’s the question, (pertaining to the Napoleon pro) i can find the same grill , the PRO500RSIBPSS-2, at both Home Depot and a local appliance store that is a dealer for Napoleon grills, but from what I understand from reading this thread is that the home depot grill will be built with lesser quality SS than the local dealer?? Even though they have the same exact model numbers? Thanks for any clarity on this!!

    • Colin says:

      I’m not sure on this one. In my experience the ones being sold at the specialty shop were different models. If you local appliance store bbq ha the same model number as the big box store I imagine it’s the same unit. Check where it’s made though. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, perhaps someone else reading this thread can give you more information.

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