Writing Services

Colin Frizzell is a bestselling author and screenwriter. His books are available in multiple countries and languages. His film, “Lavender” (co-written with Ed Gass-Donnelly), premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. “Lavender” is now available on Netflix (worldwide) and Kanopy.

For six semesters Colin worked as a writer-in-residence. In that position, he helped young writers find their voice and refine their craft.

He is now taking on private clients. Colin will guide, coach and encourage you. In one-on-one sessions (via Skype or Messanger ) he’ll help you develop your writing. Or assist you with rewriting and editing of your manuscript or screenplay.

He can also help guide you on some of the best routes for publication or production.

He will be your mentor and companion through the perilous waters of the writing process.

Services include, but are not limited to:

Manuscript Evaluation
Stylistic Editing (Substantive Editing)
Developmental Editing
Specialty Editing
Script Doctor

Get the story you’ve written ready for a producer, publisher or self-publishing. Or develop the story you’ve always wanted to tell.

Check that off your bucket list!

If you’re serious about getting in shape you hire a personal trainer at the gym. If you’re serious about your writing, you hire a writing coach!

You can contact Colin directly a colin@colinfrizzell.com!

“It may sound greatly hyperbolic but it is the sincerest comment this writer is making. I cannot recommend this man’s professionalism strongly enough. Frizzell is an accomplished author and screenwriter himself, so knows the ‘business’ of writing as well as the necessities of the craft. If you are looking for more than simply an editor Colin Frizzell is the person for you. He is personable, friendly and has a much-needed sense of humour.  Colin sticks with the writer throughout and doesn’t let the writer guess. He tells you, directs you, helps you and most importantly, works with you every step of the way.” —Dane B. McFadhen

“Colin Frizzell is a well-rounded individual who is extremely talented, friendly and professional. He has helped me with my first and second draft of the screenplay, as well as, made me understand the reasons behind the suggestions. His feedback was extremely valuable, and his services are provided in a friendly yet professional manner. I am thankful to Colin for his help when I needed it the most.” — Davor Mamuzić (”Framed” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and his documentary “If I Were Somebody” premiered at the Bosnian Film Festival.)