“Such Little Time”, Now Available!

Set upThe book launch was a great success!

Peggy (Mom) cried a little bit with every signing.

Such Little Time is now widely available. In Prince Edward County, Ontario, you can get a signed copy at Books & Company, and on-line at amazon.com and amazon.co.uk.

5 stars out of 5.
“Charming letters loved everyone!!”
— Diann L Donnell, Amazon.com

“I have just finished reading Peggy Frizzell’s book, Such Little Time. ReadingWhat a delightful collection of letters! I knew that Peggy was a lovely woman, but the letters fully reveal her open, honest and loving spirit. The day-to-day details of living in 1963-64 will remind those of us of the older generations of poignant memories of life in Ireland and the County. Everyone will be moved to remember what true love is. I highly recommend this book. Congratulations, Peggy and Colin!”
Mary Grimley, Songwriter


Sorry for there being so few photos from the launch. I took a some at the beginning and then as more people poured in I set the camera down and started visiting and assisting with the signing.




So, I went back to the Miller House on Lake on the Mountain last evening to get a few shots of the view, which hasn’t changed much since the 60’s.



Also, the lake itself.

Lake 1







And, the Mohawk legend, which I have always loved: “It has become a symbol of lovers overcoming difficulties.”



Set up and ready

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