In Memory

In Memory

In Memory of Peggy Frizzell who passed two years ago today, on August 20th, 2018.


Memories were taken.
Others left behind.

A smile sparkling in
Irish eyes.

Songs song
with an Irish lilt.

A genuine laugh,
often directed at yourself.

at sad movie scenes.

Memories aren’t
I saw yours stolen
until you didn’t
know me.

A broken brain.
A heart-rending journey,
watching the progression.

Something remained.

Faces unfamiliar,
names gone;
you still lite-up
when friends and family
came into the room.
You never forgot your dog.

Some things can’t be
quantified or qualified.
Can’t be known.
They can only be felt.

A bond that runs deeper
than human knowledge
can’t be torn apart—
even by death.

You will never be truly gone.

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  1. Kurt Rotar says:

    That’s beautiful Colin. It’s a gift you have and thank you for sharing.

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