King of the Abyss

In a chain wrapped

wooden box,

with its lid nailed shut,

I was dropped into the ocean.

The container filled with icy salt water.

Body paralyzed,

screaming without chance

of being heard,

panic taking over,

my head went under.

I held my breath.

My lungs felt like they might collapse or explode.

A strange euphoria set in;

my will to fight surrendered to it.


I learned to breathe,


in a different way;

as we all had to when we first entered the world.


I live here now.


I don’t think about you,


Don’t even know

your true name.

I wonder though,

if I heard it spoken

from your lips

would it free me?

Or kill me?


It doesn’t matter.


I do,

at times,

long to hear your voice.

To know

who you really are.

Why you condemned me to this place.


I want to thank you.

You made me face my greatest fears.

My bad dreams dissolved.

With my nightmares losing

their terror,

in my box,

wrapped in chains,

lying on the ocean floor,

I count myself king

of infinite space.


Under here,

I’m weightless.

Time has no meaning

and tears are just a part of the tide.

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