In Memorial

Fifty-six years ago today, on August 20th, 1963, Peggy Strain had to leave Art Frizzell in Canada to return to Northern Ireland. They met while she was on vacation in Prince Edward County, Ontario—Art’s home. They fell in love and got engaged after a four-day courtship. He knew she couldn’t stay and was afraid she might never return.

They had forty years together on this earth; three children, Mike, Trish and Colin, a daughter-in-law, Charlotte, and three grandchildren, Ryan, Mitchell and Allie, before Dad left us in 2003. One more grandchild, Ethan, came after Art’s departure.

A year ago today, on August 20th, 2018, Peggy Frizzell, fifty-five years to the day she had to leave Canada and say good-bye to her darling Art, to return to Ireland, she said good-bye to this world and returned to him.

You’re both greatly missed.

Thank you for the love, memories and so much more.

In Memory

Memories were taken.
Others left behind.

A smile sparkling in
Irish eyes.

Songs song
with an Irish lilt.

A genuine laugh,
often directed at yourself.

at sad movie scenes.

Memories aren’t
I saw yours stolen
until you didn’t
know me.

A broken brain.
A heart-rending journey,
watching the progression.

Something remained.

Faces unfamiliar,
names gone;
you still lite-up
when friends and family
came into the room.
You never forgot your dog.

Some things can’t be
quantified or qualified.
Can’t be known.
They can only be felt.

A bond that runs deeper
than human knowledge
can’t be torn apart—
even by death.

You will never be truly gone.
But, you are sincerely missed.

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