Waiting for Love

Waiting for Love

by Colin Frizzell


Love never arrives when you

want her to.


He’s like a playful child

losing all sense of the hour;

lost in wonder, adventure

and curiosity.


Try not to worry.

She’s having fun.

Fluttering about like

butterfly wings,

not weighed down by

petty troubles.


She is eternal,



He enjoys hide and seek.

And likes to win.

Which is why he so often only

appears when you stop looking.

When hope seems gone.


Then there’s a giggle,

the heaviness lifts,

and everything is light —



Love is wild.

Has no sense of time.

She’ll come when

she’s ready.

Don’t scare her off.

Stand still

with open arms,

and let her run

into your embrace.


Don’t hold on too tight.

And never be cross

that he took

so long to

come home.


Don’t try to put him

on a schedule.


Let go of your


Get lost with her.

In a moment,

or two,

it will feel like

you’ve never been apart.


Love is funny

that way.



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