Signing, September 24th, 2017, at Word On The Street!

The Sunday, September 23rd, 2017, Peggy Frizzell (aka, Mum) will be selling and signing copies of her book, Such Little Time: A Collection of Love Letters, at Word of the Street in Toronto, Ontario, at the Harbourfront Centre. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day so why not spend it by the water surrounded by books and bibliophiles. We’ll be at booth 410!



Dad’s last words were to tell Mom, “I love you.” His last conscious action was to raise his head, to meet her descending lips as she leaned in over the hospital bed, for one last kiss. After Dad died I found out about the letters.

In 1963, Peggy was on vacation in Ontario, Canada. She met Art, they fell in love and four days later got engaged. But Peggy had to return to Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. For eight-months their only communication as through letters; letters which are filled with the optimism of new romance and the longing of being separated from the one you love.

After forty years by each other’s side the first thing Peggy said after Art took his last breath was, “I just didn’t think we’d have such little time together.” While only a few of Art’s letters made it to Canada, Art saved all of Peggy’s. This is their collection.


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