Hockey Hair, aka The Mullet

Hockey hair, aka the mullet.

Even in these days of the manbun, there is still shame attached.

Do I wish back when I had long curls that I’d gone full Jim Morrison instead of Billy Ray Cyrus?

Yes. Yes, I do.

But I didn’t see myself as Billy Ray.

I was Keifer Sutherland in The Lost Boys; only my blond was streaked in.

I was Ziggy Stardust; but my red only came out in the summer sun as my ginger burst through.

I was NOT Joe Dirt.

It was the style of the day.

I enjoyed it when I had it. Hair that is. In general.

But alopecia was winning, so I surrendered.

I pull my razor over my shinny scalp ever morning. Eyes closed I imagine the blades are the teeth on a comb gliding through beautiful thick hair.

Business in the front: party in the back.

Oh, my mullet!

I miss you with regret.


© Colin Frizzell 2017

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  1. Jason Leighfield says:

    Testify brother!

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