‘Just J’

(Just J was written with the financial aid of the Toronto Arts Council and Self-Employment Benefit.)
“Jenevieve, 13, is dealing with issues that are causing her life to spin out of control. Her mom has just passed away, her little brother is needy, and a woman, Fanny, is moving in on her dad before her mother is even buried. Just when the teen’s life is hitting an all-time low, an aunt she never knew she had appears at the funeral. Regardless, her father allows J to spend the summer with Aunt Guin, a philosophizing free spirit who fixes up old houses with her friend Art and then sells them at a profit. J spends the summer camping in the backyard of a fixer-upper, learning life lessons through her aunt’s random quotes. The teen’s engaging voice is full of sarcasm, dry wit, and angst while her aunt’s voice is ethereal and soothing.” — (School Library Journal)
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“Frizzellis prose is engaging and well-crafted…a reader can’t help but connect with J.” (Globe & Mail)”The novel has some great dialogue and descriptions…middle school girls will enjoy the short chapters, continuous wordplay and happy endings.” (Voya)”J is a force to be reckoned with…girls will enjoy [her] spunky personality and her unwillingness to give in to the emotions that rip through her.” (Kliatt )
“Unique in voice and setting, and there is an unabashed emotional truth to J that resonates throughout and keeps one turning the pages. Recommended.” (CM Magazine)





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