A Christmas Message from J (of ‘Just J’)

11334683_454773231353059_1755189450_nPeople, all people, even the poorest child born in a manger, are worthy of love and respect regardless of their background or if they act outside accepted social norms.

We’re all capable of miraculous acts of mercy, compassion, integrity, ingenuity and creatively. We can move mountains when we work together. Travel the heavens through cooperation. Create worlds within worlds. Help, heal and prolong life. It requires only the smallest amount of faith in humanity.

But, mostly, we’re selfish power hungry idiots who mock anyone who even suggests we behave like human beings and extend the same respect and loyalty we demand.

People take advantage of the vulnerable and poor—any tender heart, really—while admiring, obeying and modeling ourselves after soulless, cruel, greedy, stone-hearted sociopaths. Mainly because we want the shinny things they have.

If your spirit remains strong and doesn’t get beaten out of you, if you have the courage to be kind and intelligent in a meaningful, proactive, way, they’ll most likely crucify you.

So, sing, dance, enjoy, look after those you love (and who love you back) and make wine every chance you get; because God Himself came down He couldn’t even fix this mess, what chance do you have?

And that is what Jesus’ story means to me.

Merry Christmas! And God bless us, everyone!

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