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A Matter of Time (Short Film)

Work on ‘Matter of Time’ began when I was caregiving for my mom who had Alzheimer’s. After she passed, we tried to keep working on it, but it got pushed to the back burner. Recently we got the shot we … Continue reading

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Moving Through Blue

We saw you in the park last nightMoving through blue Christmas lightsthat still hang in the treesa month into the new year. You were gone before we got to youThe dog looked around confusedI swear he could smell you andI … Continue reading

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Being Here

I’ll sit with you in silence; not judge you as you weep. Hold you tightly, if that’s what you need. Cry only if my tears are sincere. Fight the temptation to harden and give into fear. Strong enough to be … Continue reading

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King of the Abyss

In a chain wrapped wooden box, with its lid nailed shut, I was dropped into the ocean. The container filled with icy salt water. Body paralyzed, screaming without chance of being heard, panic taking over, my head went under. I … Continue reading

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Blood Moon

I came out of Christie Pits subway station, just down from the long term care facility that my family and I toured with Mom. She might be in there if she were still alive. I walked along the north side … Continue reading

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Someone Who Wasn’t There

I was in bed when I heard you banging on the door. You’ve locked yourself out, again, I thought. I got out of bed, and still half asleep, walked through the apartment, the blue LED above the stove my sole … Continue reading

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In Memorial

Fifty-six years ago today, on August 20th, 1963, Peggy Strain had to leave Art Frizzell in Canada to return to Northern Ireland. They met while she was on vacation in Prince Edward County, Ontario—Art’s home. They fell in love and … Continue reading

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Grieving Through Writing

When I wrote my first book, Just J, I was grieving the loss of my dad, who was taken by cancer in 2003. There’s an Irish thing about whatever you’re going through, someone else has it worse. With that in … Continue reading

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Tweed Library Visit

On Thursday, April 25th, 2019, I was honoured to give a presentation at the Tweed Public Library. A special thank you to Raymond Brassard, the staff and organizers at Tweed Public Library, Shannon Binder for the wonderful article in The … Continue reading

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A Prisoner of Space and Time, by Colin Frizzell

A Prisoner of Space and Time. I am no longer a prisoner of space and time. I move effortlessly through the endless moment. I can choose any point as easily as flipping through photos. Or any point can choose me. … Continue reading

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